GL1200 Frustration starting

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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GL1200 Frustration starting

Post by bluebirdbiker » Fri Jun 07, 2013 12:48 pm

So happy to be back on a wing. So I bought the bike just a week ago. Started fine (Fri May 31). Very happy to have an aspencade. Always wanted one. 7yrs ago I had a GL1000 with vetter fairing and boxes. Great bike. I spent lots of time fixing her up. Ran great. I am somewhat handy w wrenches.

So I got my new (1985) Aspencade for my Bday a week ago. Took her home (rode her home), had some probs with running it on the road as it stalled once. So bought high premium gas. This fixed the roughness a bit as well as on start up and she idled fine. Took out for a ride (Sat June 1). Once the bike is warm it runs fine but I feel like there is not "full" power. At first it turned over and started fine. The Sat ride she was fine all the time.

(Mon June 03) spent time changing timing belts, coolant, oil, charged battery just gen. maintenance at least to get a starting point. Oh ya, it has 155,000km (96,000 miles). Started up great after that. No prob. and in fact it ran fine. No issues w timing belt etc. So, cause I heard some slight backfire during the idling since I got it, I bought some sea foam (June 3) and bought high premium gas again in tank same day. Poured 1/4 can into tank w new gas and then once running (idle) I poured some into the carbs (as it was running). To clean things out a bit. Lots of white smoke came out (as there should be). This made the bike run better. Went out after pouring the sea foam into tank and really ran the throttle open to fully clean the system. Ran better after that, no more slight backfire or hesitation.

Next day (Tue June 4) went down to garage and cleaned the cosmetics also started it - No prob. Started like a new bike. I let it idle to normal temp. Didn't have time to ride it so put it back to garage.

Wed. June 5th started bike with no prob in driveway for a while to temp. as well just to test it out. No prob starting. I was very happy thinking I solved all the probs.

Thurs June 6 left in garage, did not start it.

This morning June 7 went down to start it and take to work....turned over and over and over no catch. As it was turning over and over BAM! BAM! black smoke billowed out back with a backfire 2x. Still tried to start it but just turns over now. No catch at all. I put it away for the day and drove to ork......frustrated.


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Re: GL1200 Frustration starting

Post by Calzone » Fri Jun 07, 2013 8:58 pm

I would pull the plugs and see how they look, could be ignition.

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Re: GL1200 Frustration starting

Post by bustedwing » Sun Jun 09, 2013 7:52 pm

I believe you still have some gunk in the fuel system. While the cleaner is doing it's job the bike will not run much better as the cleaner is flushing old gas and gunk thru the system and trying to keep the engine firing. If the bike had sat any length of time it could take several treatments, or even a rebuild of carbs or replacement of fuel injectors, depending on design. I would try the same process you did to begin with, it worked then. Then continue using cleaner in the fuel system and keep trying to get it flushed out. Next with be remove and rebuild. Hopefully you won't have to go that far.
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