Rough running engine

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Rough running engine

Postby Pilotgoldwing » Wed Sep 11, 2013 7:30 pm

Now for the new squawk of the day. My "new to me" GL1200 seems to be running rough. It has been sitting for a few years but the tank was drained and petcock shut off. When I got it off the trailer at home I charged the battery, checked the fluids, put gas in it and after just a few attemps she fired right up. After a few minutes of idling she seemed to smooth out. Feeling confident I set out on a shake down ride. Along with finding that my alternator wasn't charging, I also noticed that in OD I wasn't getting over 3000 rpm. In lower gears it would rev up beyond what I was comfortable running. It also is a little rough intitially taking off from a stop. Finally contrary to other reviews about Goldwings having all kinds of power when you roll on the throttle, I have none of that. I have been instructed to run SeaFoam through the fuel system and have started doing that and only put about 50 miles on her so far. Any thoughts on my issues, and how many tanks of SeaFoam should it take to clean the carb.
I just read some other forums and realize I may have a larger issue. On my shakedown ride I happened to hit a bump in the road, not to bad but a bump none the less, and without warning the engine just quit. I coasted to a stop turned the ignition off then back on and it started and I brought it home. What are the chances I have a stator and pickup coils both going bad?

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Re: Rough running engine

Postby virgilmobile » Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:26 pm

What are the chances I have a stator and pickup coils both going bad?

I'll believe anything...but it's always best to test each part of the system to determine what parts are bad....
Usually with the wings,It's bad electrical connections..
We find that both of the plugs to the left of the battery corrode badly and usually cut them off and solder the wires direct.
This includes inspecting the plug going to the regulator module.Here's the post that showed the corrosion on my 1200....
Didn't see anything till I unplugged the connections.

The 4 wire plug,if corroded even just a little can kill the ignition with just a bump...first hand experience on that one.It's the pulse coil connection to the ignition module.

Testing the charging system is covered extensively on this site...Use the search function...3 yellow wires/charging problems,won't charge,etc...

As far as Sea Foam....It works for some....some of the time....after a couple of tanks....
I usually just rip the carbs apart and service them....

The bike does have a accelerator pump can fail...there's known issues with a mid range stutter too....I ran into that on my 84.....Fixed that while I was doing the carbs...

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Re: Rough running engine

Postby Pilotgoldwing » Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:36 pm

Thanks, I'll Post What I Find.

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Re: Rough running engine

Postby HALBUDD » Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:28 pm

Just another idea the 84s had a recall on your key switch. If you get the bike running try and wiggle the cable at the bottom of the key switch and see if the motor cuts out. My 84 did the same thing,and when running if I turned the handle bars over hard the radio and then the motor would die. just something to check--------------------------Hal

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