Stator replacement

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Stator replacement

Post by Right Winger » Tue May 25, 2010 10:59 pm

Boy when I attempted to install the new stator in the rear cover I caught it . The darn thing didn't want to go on the seat I must have fiddled around with it for atleast an hour before I could get it to seat It was tight going on . I didn't want to beat it :) I lubed it no good I sanded the inside of the stator and the out side of the collar on the cover. Still tight. Wow I got it down somewhat and tried to pull it down with the bolts. But missed the alignment and had to pry it off again

But finally I had a brain fart, to align it with punch nails and gently force it down enough to get the bolts to start. Once started I was able to get it down with the bolts :| Geeze . I have to check and recheck to make sure it is down evenly , Because I think that is why some guys install stators and claim that they only lasted a few miles or not long at all. I will probably end up taking it all back apart tomorrow to check.

This is why I bought covers to save time as so I won't have to go through this while the engine is out. I am trying my best to make this a one day job :| With the painting on the front and rear covers and installing a new waterpump in the front cover and rebuilding and installing the slave cylinder in the rear cover and replaced the output shaft seal. Covers are ready to go I probably saved a half day.

I intend to do the timing belts too :shock: I wished I could preinstall them too :lol:

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