water pump changeout

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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water pump changeout

Post by mtnwingrider » Thu Mar 26, 2015 2:46 pm

Well I have completed my pump changeout and flushed the radiator about nine times with distilled water to clean it out (one actual rad flush kit). No drips no runs no errors or so I thought. Went on a long ride did fine, cooled fine no issues. Just out of habit I always put an old litter box with paper towels in it under the engine when Im done riding. After a few days I noticed a small spot. I looked and sure enough a very small drip had appeared at the weep hole. I checked the oil and it was still pristine no issue there. So here is my question. After reading this post in Admins wonderful how to I was curious.
"chase199c wrote:
I am having a bit of a new issue, when I took the water pump out of the casing there was some damage around where the pump recessed into the casing. It seems to have cut a grove around the pump on the impeler side of the casing. I don't think this is a bad casting from Honda, and from looking at the picture of the inside of the case in the file you sent this is totally not normal. So now I have the issue of replacing the casing. I know this part is no longer available, and have had little success on locating one on the internet. So do I take the chance on pump replacement with the new seals or just leave the old pump in? I'm afraid of something going through the pump and into the gear drive off the crank. If that happens it's "good bye motor" so I'm not sure what to do?

Wing Admin wrote back
This can happen when the bearings in the old water pump are so damaged that the impeller scores the inside of the case as it flops around. You absolutely need to change the water pump if this is happening.

Failing to find a replacement case, you might want to clean the case as well as humanly possible, score the surface slightly, and use some JB-Weld to fill in the groove (the scoring is to help the JB-Weld to adhere). Smooth it in place as well as possible before it cures, and sand it down once it has fully cured. There is no mechanical abrasion (normally) in that area, so the JB-Weld should last pretty well forever.

I do remember there being some abrasion and slight pitting in the sleeve where the pump inserted. I cleaned as best I could and it seemed ok. So first question is could this be causing the cooling fluid to get past the O ring even if the O ring is totally correct in placement. If so I have a parts bike I will take apart to get the engine housing and see what condition it is in. I'd rather not try the above fix unless nothing else works. Second question, how effective do you think the above fix would be if it is indeed what is causing the (again) very minor drip out the weep hole. Thanks in advance "Doc McCoy"

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Re: water pump changeout

Post by WingAdmin » Thu Mar 26, 2015 2:54 pm

A lot of the time leaks are caused by the very thin rubber O-rings not sealing quite right. If they aren't lubricated sufficiently when installed, they can roll - this happened the first time I did mine on my GL1100.

How much is it leaking? A drop or two overnight? Was it particularly cold when this happened?

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Re: water pump changeout

Post by mtnwingrider » Thu Mar 26, 2015 3:49 pm

We lubricated with KY as you suggested both rings and metal surface. Maybe a couple of drops a night if that (I will know more as I am checking over a five day period to see actual amounts). As for temp it hasn't been really cold. I know in the winter when its near freezing my shifter seal leaks but never does in the summer. I know you suggested the fix i quoted but how reliable do you think it would be. Do you think the wear marks and pitting could be causing this. What puzzles me is why it never leaked when running all that distilled water thru. It was brought up to temp and run for two fan cycles at least seven times with not a hint of a leak.

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Re: water pump changeout

Post by oldishwinger » Thu Mar 26, 2015 5:05 pm

I have the same leaking coolant issues after installing new o rings, pump etc. I can only assume that the o ring rolled slightly. as its only a few drops that show up, either when the bike is cold or on the center stand. It seems to me to be such big job for such a small thing, so I decided to, just keep an eye on the coolant levels, and the oil, and after several thousand miles, and about a year, it has not got any worse.

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Re: water pump changeout

Post by flash1942 » Sat Mar 28, 2015 9:11 am

I have found out the hard way on installing the water pump. !st time it leaked like you guys said yours did. What I found was the pump's recess "pocket" surface was a little rough so I "polished" it with a little piece of worn out Scotchbrite, then installed the pump O rings clean and dry (so they won't roll and stay in place), put a little silicone lube on the "pocket's" surface and the pump slid into place like it was supposed to with almost no effort. I don't know why the factory's initial installation didn't leak though.

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Re: water pump changeout

Post by made2care » Sun Mar 29, 2015 6:39 pm

i was very careful with the o rings when i replaced my pump. used good lubrication and very carefully inserted pump.no leaks, guess i was lucky.

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