85 Aspencade Carb issue

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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85 Aspencade Carb issue

Post by capnplnt » Thu Apr 02, 2015 12:34 pm

I have an 85 Aspencade GL1200. It was a salvage rebuild so its a project for me. My mechanic told me that the #3 carb was dumping fuel into the cylinder and fouling the plug and that the carbs needed cleaning/rebuilt. I decided to do this myself to save money, so I bought a rebuild kit from Randakk's. When I got into the carbs, I found that the #3 carb was actually from an 87 Interstate. I cleaned, rebuilt, and re-assembled the carbs then re-synced them (with the kit for my 85 Aspy). The bike was definitely running a lot better. Had just a little spitting, sputtering, and hesitation when taking off, but once you got past that the bike run great and had plenty of power. So my question is...to eliminate the spitting, sputtering, and hesitation, do I set the pilot screw on the #3 carb to the 87 specifications or set it to match the other 3 carbs, or does it matter? The next issue is also with the #3 carb, in that the fuel is apparently not shutting off (presumably from the float), and causing the bike to hydrolock. I've bought some used replacement floats again for the 85 Aspy to put into the carbs. I've researched online and seen that some are saying to set the floats to 15.5mm but when I consulted the Randakk manual, it says to set them to 7.5mm. Which should be used?

The 3 original carbs have a model # of VD53A and the #3 is VD53D. Are they interchangeable or should I attempt to find a fourth VD53A?

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