My new/old Gold Wing

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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My new/old Gold Wing

Post by bmccune » Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:58 pm

Well I just got back from a trip to Texas (live in Missouri) picking up this Trike 1986 Gold Wing GL1200A. I have never owned a Gold Wing before, many other bikes but I could not pass this deal up no matter what it may or may not need, $4k. Anyway when I got it owner said he put a new battery in it but could not keep it charging thought stator was out and did not want to spend the dollars (not a question, already read all) so when I got it home I did the stator checks, rectifier/regulator checks. Checked the plug ends, not burnt and went ahead solder and heat shrunk them while there. Work on cars for a living at a GM dealer so not totally stupid, can apply somewhat the knowledge of 36 yrs in the auto industry to a bike. Checked battery with Vat and hmmm, battery shorted. New Everstart installed by previous owner or as I call the NEVER start battery. ;)

1986 Honda Gold wing GL1200A Trike
1986 Honda Gold wing GL1200A Trike

Went down purchased a new Good battery, installed it, and charging great.... :lol: So think I might have gotten lucky so far on this one.....

I do need to find some parts though, mainly lens covers or assemblies as covers are broken or missing on the front faring. As well as Valve Covers as the ones on here are pitted pretty bad. Would like some opinions of updates/upgrades you might suggest. I really do not want the CB stuff on it nor the radio the way it is far as tape player. Any one done any changes there, not concerned with a CD player maybe MP3 or something.

It has as you can see in the picture arm rest for the Queen Seat that fold down or up easily. Though they maybe for comfort they look like would be more confining than comfort, opinions?

Also for the passenger the foot platforms are just flat steel with rough paint on them, maybe some type of cover like the foot pegs have?

It has a lever for cruise control, if I read this lever correctly all it does is bind the throttle to where ever it is at and with a flick unlocks it. This appears to me to be a little bit of a hazard for quick response or am I just over thinking it. Remove it or not?

Other than normal maintenance, all fluids changed, tuned up, filters changed is there anything else that should be looked into. 90k miles. I have a invoice from a dealer in Texas for this bike where it states that the timing belts, valves and carbs where re-done at 60k, 3 years ago. Taking this invoice at its word anything else??? :?:

Along with the Gold Wing if you go to the link below and use this previous/next buttons you can see more pics of it as well as a couple other of my toys... :D
1986 Gold Wing GL1200A

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Re: My new/old Gold Wing

Post by WingAdmin » Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:39 am

Some people (myself included) have simply wired other inputs (I wired in a satellite radio) into the existing system. I also wired my GPS into the intercom, so I could hear it talk.

I agree with your opinion of the arm rests - I think about what would happen to the passenger in a crash - would they be injured by the arm rests as they came off the bike? I just don't like them and don't have them.

I'm sure you could find some rubber slip-mat kind of stuff that you could affix to the rear footrests with some adhesive.

As for the throttle lock, if it is adjusted correctly, it should hold the throttle open, but you should be able to still easily move the throttle even if the lock is engaged - and that's for safety reasons. I use mine all the time, it really helps on long distance rides.

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