85 1200 LTD stopped running

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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85 1200 LTD stopped running

Post by stedy1 » Sat Jul 18, 2015 9:14 am

Thought I would put this out there and see what you might think. Last summer I purchased an LTD which the P/O had left outside for the entire New England winter. I did many repairs and the bike ran perfectly till the stator quit. Did the conversion, that was quirky due to the LTD' s configuration, but got the new alternator running and charging fine. Put a fresh tank of gas, and hesitation and misses in acceleration manifested. Plugs and new gas filter were installed. Added some ethanol stabilizer, with little improvement. Added Seafoam, and fresh oil change, but after letting the bike idle a while, noticed oil seeping through the weephole. Went ahead and replaced H2o pump, oil seal and all parts associated,. At first no leaks and then leaking of coolant appeared through one of the H2o pump hosing cover bolts. I continued to let the bike idle, and tighten bolts and turn the bike off to minimize and eventually stop the leak. While idling I turned to get something and the bike died. I thought it weird because that never happened before. At this point the bike cranked fine but would not start. At first thought I considered fuel pump. Initial position of the key energized the pump, and I could hear it running. To confirm I pulled the relay and the pump did stop running. Also pulled the CFI relay and replaced with a different one with same "no start" results. Cycled the kill switch on and off just to see if that was the problem. I am leaning towards "spark" now or lack of.
I have the repair manuals but not with me, so I thought maybe some of you would give me your opinions.
Can the fuel pump run but not pump fuel to the injectors, maybe bad impeller?
Will the on board ECU display a code for a "no spark" condition?
Can the kill switch fail in the "on" position?
Since it just quit like that, I am thinking part or component failure and maybe the hesitation gas issues were indications and are related. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I will begin trouble shooting next week when I am back where the LTD is warehoused.
P.S. When I did the alternator conversion, I found really no installs or documentation on it for the LTD, or the EFI models. Anyone need information in this type of install, I will gladly give you my experience, Thanx Stedy1

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