86 goldwing aspencade

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Motorcycle: 86 1200 aspencade

86 goldwing aspencade

Post by davidallen » Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:25 pm

I may have made a mistake. I bought the bike because I love that year. The bike had been sitting for an unknown amount of time here in Hawaii. I cannot get a reliable answer as to when it had last fired. With a new battery, the starter works as in it clicks then has a whirring sound. Local Honda shop says that the starter works fine. I have a terrible feeling that the starter clutch is frozen. If I have to drop the engine, I will be in for a long haul. Please help if you can, before I have to send this beautiful bike to the Hawaiian bone yard of failure. Thanx

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Re: 86 goldwing aspencade

Post by NVSB4 » Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:05 pm

First, welcome to the forum. I had an 86 Aspey up until a few months ago and understand your pain.

1. Even though it's a new battery, was it completely charged? When I had an issue starting mine, I ended up having a bad battery and would have to recharge after every attempt just to make sure.

2. If the shop verified the starter is working working fine, did they give you any indication as to what they thought it might be? If it is the starter clutch, the engine will have to be pulled. But think of all the other maintenance that you can do on it while it's out.

I still have a Haynes manual for it that I scanned into pdf that I could send to you if it would help. I couldn't work without it.
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Re: 86 goldwing aspencade

Post by Aussie81Interstate » Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:49 pm

IF the bike has been sitting for an unknown number of years I wouldn't be in a hurry to whack a bettery in it and turn the key or hit the starter button.

I would recommend
try to turn the motor over by hand - via the alternator nut at the back of the motorclockwise looking at the bolt - and probably a bit of oil down the cylinders -with all the plugs out woud not hurt as well.
At a minimumcheck the oil and radiator levels.

got any pictures ? we like pictures :)

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Re: 86 goldwing aspencade

Post by deanbw » Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:26 am

if starter spins but does not turn engine, I would probably pull cap off back of the stator cover ( top left off engine at rear, hex head cap ) put a socket on stator nut and turn engine over with plugs out (don't force it). If it turns over I would try comp. start, as long as everything else was ready to go, carbs free and not leaking, oil, coolant, things like that, then if it ran you could let it warm up and see if it breaks the starter clutch loose. You should if it fires do belts check hoses change fluids all that good stuff. You may end up rebuilding carbs if it's been sitting a long time but I don't think checking to see if it runs is going to hurt anything.

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