Home Made Cync Tubes . Very Easy Method

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Home Made Cync Tubes . Very Easy Method

Post by geraldm » Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:04 pm

I'm sure lots of people have made their own sync tubes that thread into the intake . this is what I done just with stuff I had around in that special tool box drawer . The tubes I used were for crimping together two pieces of electric fence wire ,, I chose them simply because they had a bit heavier wall than most things that size , they were a bit over sized for my plan so machined them down quick to .178 thou or 3/16 so the threaded part you see is cut to 3/16 then took my #10-32 die and made threads up the entire part that was machined and yes they will thread into the 5mm holes in the intake perfectly , it's just one of those things where metric and english are the same ,, you will find that they thread into the intake all the way to the o ring just by finger , shouldn't need any tools to install the tubes if you do then the tube is not threaded proper. ( start over and try again maybe taper the very end of the tube with a file so the die starts on straight , if it starts crooked it will make a very ugly crooked thread ) took a # 10-32 nut and threaded it on all the way by finger , next a nice chrome plated #8 flat washer followed up with a nice little o ring that fits tight and there you have it . so your thinking that's ok for someone that has a lathe but for a easy route just go to the auto parts store you like to deal at and by a 12 inch x 3/16 brake line or better yet something softer go to a hobby store and get a bit of copper or brass 3/16 tubing and cut your pieces from that ( thread each piece before cutting them off the main tube , it just makes it easier to handle than short little pieces ) (# 10 is the size of the nut or the thread cutter and the 32 is the amount of threads per inch ). after threading into the intake you may wish to just snug the nut up a tad just to seal the tube so their is no vacuum leak .. Make sure you make enough threads so there is a good amount into the intake just so it is stable . I made 1/2 inch of threads , after the nut , washer and o ring there is about 1/4 inch of threads exposed for threading into the intake . there you go something for people to play with that would sooner make something than just go buy it . Not going to get into the bottle part or hoses as that is just basic . have a good one Geraldm

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