clutch MC leak & fairing panel (cover)

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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clutch MC leak & fairing panel (cover)

Post by wilmo » Tue May 03, 2016 8:48 pm

Two things to inquire about, the most important one being the small leak I found with the clutch master cylinder. I discovered it today and it appears that it has been slowly leaking fluid somewhere and dripping down onto the exhaust while it's parked and bars are turned to the left. Now remember I did a stator change out and slave cylinder rebuild about 5 weeks ago. I did not do anything to the clutch MC other than remove the cap to bleed the system. Now as I remember, when finished I put the rubber bladder on first then the hard plastic part on top of that and then the cap and screwed it down-in that order. Now it's possible that I didn't get that plastic inner cap to fully shape the bladder around the casting and maybe it leaked that way? Today I reassembled it, after filling it up, but put the plastic cap over the bladder first and shaped it then put that whole assembly back on the master cylinder, followed by the outer lid. Screwed it down tight. At this point all I can do is wait for it to show again or not. 3 weeks ago I changed the bushing on the clutch handle. when i did, the plunger came with the handle instead of staying in the MC. I was careful not to force anything there and indeed, didn't have to as it just easily went back in. Is it possible that that is causing a very slow leak? I don't think so but that is the only thing I have done with the clutch master cylinder. I've wiped it all down dry and have the bars to the left as usual. It took all this time to drain down to where it needed filling up but was not dry and above the holes in the bottom. It is full now but not over filled. I'm hoping it was the way I originally assembled the bladder and cap and may not have gotten that to fully seal-please! What are some ideas you have about this? Oh, I don't think it's the window either as it's dry all around it.
The other thing is the left side lower fairing cover where the controls were for the auto radio volume when you have the original radio. That piece of plastic is cracking and it's where I want to mount a voltmeter. I already have a 'cannon' type power outlet there that I use to charge my phone, ipod, etc through a USB adapter. No longer available through Honda, does anyone know where I can get one or even just a blank. Otherwise, I'm going to have find a piece of plastic and just rig up something. Or has anyone else had this issue and fabricated something? I'm looking for ideas here or the part if someone has it.

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