Replacement (new style) starter relay probs

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Replacement (new style) starter relay probs

Post by 84wingrider » Fri Aug 20, 2010 8:38 pm

Hey guys. After having issues with my old style "dogbone" starter relay sticking, i decided it was time to upgrade to the new flat fuse style. I purchased one online (for my 1984 Aspencade) and installed it. I then noticed that when i pull the clutch in, regardless of what gear the bike is in, the neutral indicator light comes on and my gear indicator says "N" like the bike is in neutral. I checked the wiring diagram for the '84 and found that one of the clutch switch wires does in fact run to the relay. The seller of the replacement relay states he sells these all the time with no complaints. He graciously sent me another relay, thinking maybe the first one was defective. It is doing the same thing. I then checked the '85 thru '87 Aspancades and found that they have no clutch switch wire going into the relay. I'm wondering if this type of relay is even compatible with the '84 Aspencade??? The only mod i had to do is shave the the locking tab on the bike's plug to allow it to plug into the new relay. Other than that, no changes have been made. For now, i unplugged one of the clutch switch wires on my handlebars to stop the annoying neutral indicator light from coming on every time i pull the clutch lever in. I'd like to find the issue here and fix this right. Any ideas from anyone here would be greatly appreciated.

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