Hooking up exturnal tac.

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Hooking up exturnal tac.

Post by starfleetengineer » Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:02 pm

When I use my timing light/ tac to set the idle drop, I put the pickup on #1 for that side and #2 for the other. The book says you can hook up to the wireing somewhere, a place I still havent found. Does anyone know a better way of hooking up the tac other than changing sides? Since it runs 2 coils I get a lower rpm reading than the 1000rpm's. Also I saw a psot by littlebeaver about making your own timing site glass. I can't find that post. Could someone direct me to it? As for the problems I had with the seller with this engine. I got a call last week and he has a 85A engine for me. All I have to do is pay the shipping. Anyone have a good cheap carrier? He moved and lost the one he had. Now I will have the factory 84 engine and 86 plus the 85 he is sending me. This guy is bending over backwards now to make me happy. I guess I was wrong about him :) Though I am having a problem with another guy I bought come carbs off of. I paid for them then 4 days later he sends me a message that he was wrong on the shipping cost and wants me to send him more money.. EBay is going after him now ;) One way or another I'm gona get the old girl back to pride and glory :D The stroke may have slowed me down, but it's not going to stop me. I feel the best when I'm out on the road riding with my biker wife 8-)
I hope all of you are free from any insidents while enjoying your rides and your health never puts you down from riding!!! :)


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