NEED info on GL1200 rear wheels

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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NEED info on GL1200 rear wheels

Post by mikeg1906 » Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:29 pm

:? could some one tell me how to tell a 1984 wheel from 85,86,87.

My right bearing is not flush with hub. my right bearing in set in 1/4 of inch. I have 2 other wheels here and was told they are 1985. But one right bearing is flush with hub and other one is in 1/4 inch. but i been told there are 1985.

I know the left bearing is in some to put seal in and seal makes it flush with hub.
but right has no seal.

This wheel was on my 1984 bike when I bought it but not 100% sure someone else put a different year wheel on this bike in the last 27 years. this bike has been hard to push back. my friend has a 1984 and it rolls a lot easyer then mine.

Hello everyone. I am still having problem with rear wheel. If I tighten rear axle nut wheel turn hard. it is not the brakes 100% sure. I took wheel off again and took it to Honda and they put in new OEM bearings in again and I took axle and both AXLE COLLARs and spacer that goes in and showed him how I was doing it and he said that is right.
I put in DISTANCE COLLAR into final gear assembly and put in FINAL DlRVEN FLANGE into wheel with grease on all 6 pins and grear spline. put wheel up in final gear assembly. start axle in left side then put one AXLE COLLAR then brake bracket the 2nd AXLE COLLAR in wheel seal then put axle all the way thought and put nut on. I TORQUE to only 40FT pounds and wheel spines very hard. Book says to TORQUE 61-76 ft-lb

What is wrong. I also took out FINAL DlRVEN FLANGE and put in wheel and torque to 40 ft-lb and still spines hard. Could it be axle bent? I have not a way to check it but I have a extra axle so I put it in and it still vary hard to spin.

What the problem? Some one had to have this problem.

I had one guy that works on gold wings say don't tighten nut just put in on and tighten pinch bold and it will be fine. Pinch bolt will not let axle move. But that not the right way to fix it. There is something else wrong.

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Re: NEED info on GL1200 rear wheels

Post by BladeRunner9 » Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:11 pm

I'm not sure why your wheel is hanging up; The difference in 84~85 and later 86~87 is, the early ones have a 60mm bearing, the later ones have 65mm bearings. There was an issue with the early ones loosening in the mount..the opening would get out of round and the bearing would be a sloppy fit. Make sure the bearings are tight in the mount..if not maybe that's allowing the wheel to get out of line when you tighten the axle, not allowing it to spin freely. You may try to tighten it just enough that you know the axle won't move, then with the wheel off the ground ( on center stand) try to see if there is any side~side play by pushing and pulling on the tire~rim. If it has play and you're sure the axle it have your answer.

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