86 GL1200 won't start

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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86 GL1200 won't start

Post by dapperwilly » Sun Aug 21, 2011 11:44 am

Hi to all: It's been awhile since I've been to this site. Mainly because I gave up on ever getting my 84 GL1200 ASPY (with 86 engine) to run again, so it's been sitting for the past two years waiting for me to get motivated again. Well, I'm now motivated enough to take another pass at getting her running, so here's my story. About two and a half yrs ago when my wing was running perfect, I went to start her the next day and while the starter turned the engine over there was'nt a hint of ignition. I mean not a pop, cough or sputter. After checking to see that the kill switch was in proper position I tried several more times, to no avail. I pulled each of the plugs and grounded them to find good spark on all cylinders. I next checked the fuel pump and it was pumping fuel and coming up to pressure fine not to mention the fact that after several attempts of cranking, I would get raw gas dripping from the first exhaust pipe clamp nearest the manifold. To make certain it was'nt tainted fuel, I emptied the tank and put fresh fuel in it I decided to take a look at the wiring and lo and behold, I found the connector that goes to the regulator/rectifer had a hole burned through and into the wires. I'm not sure if this was the original problem or caused by continual cranking without a start. I cut out the lower portion of the connector (since that was the only side the was burned) and replaced each wire with a slip-on connector and re-attached to the good portion of the connector that goes to the rectifier. NO IMPROVEMENT
I next checked the timing visually by removing the timing belt covers and seeing that all timing marks were lining up at the T1 mark. I next replaced the voltage regulator / rectifier. NO IMPROVEMENT. I then replaced the ICU. NO IMPROVEMENT. I thought about replacing the pulse generator but decided that since spark is already present, this could not be a factor (although I am not sure about that). Finally I did a compression test just for the heck of it, and all cyclinders came up to spec. So, here is where I am at, without a clue as to how to proceed any further ( with the possible exception of parting her out ... no, only kidding)
I know there are GL1200 Guru's among you, so if you have any ideas on how to proceed I would appreciate any and all advice. Bill D.

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Re: 86 GL1200 won't start

Post by Peppyone1955 » Sun Aug 21, 2011 2:04 pm

Dapper this is just a thought try cleaning the starter switch. This has been known to cause hard starting & maybe a no start.

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Re: 86 GL1200 won't start

Post by WingAdmin » Wed Aug 24, 2011 2:01 pm

Well you've covered a lot of the items. The burned connector is not related to your problem, but is a common problem nonetheless - and you fixed it the correct way.

So you have fuel, spark (and we can assume) air (have you checked the air filter?). There could be a fuel mixture problem, but the chance of all four carbs having the problem suddenly at the same time is very remote. The fact that all four cylinders died at the same time means we need to look at things that are common to all four - so fuel/fuel filter, air/air filter, spark.

Rule out the air filter as suspect first. The chance that a coil has gone bad is remote, as there are two of them, and obviously it's not likely they both failed at the same time.

Lastly...have you checked the STRENGTH of the spark? How old is the battery? It's quite possible that your battery decided that day to give up the ghost. It might be doing everything it can to crank the engine, but no longer produce enough voltage to create a hot enough spark to ignite the fuel/air mixture.

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