New"older" bike, new problems to fix

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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New"older" bike, new problems to fix

Post by Cruisinonacade » Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:19 am

Hello everyone,
New to the board but allow me to say it's top notch, very helpful and informative.
With that said I'm hoping someone can give some insight to my recent project. I just
Went and bought an 83' gl1100I for a steal (I hope) , only 400 from a bike shop in Illinois, got it
home to Mississippi and found I have my work cut out for me. To begin with rattle at rear of
engine at low rpms (800-1450) gets better around 1500 and up. Sounds like gears chattering.
Back tire is slick( new one needed) rear caliper is up, front was sticking but starting to get better.
Fires right up. Changed the horrible black water with 10w-40 added a touch of marvel mystery oil.
Drained all gas in main and reserve and put in high octane with sea foam ran it for a while drain and refilled with a touch of marvel mystery oil. Removed air filter which wasn't bad cleaned with carb cleaner, had rpms around 2500 and sprayed short burst of cleaner in intake to help with carbon build up pulled back caliper loose and ziptied to saddlebag frame so I could give it a run. After oil change and new gas it sounded better not great but better. I drove down the road and all I can say is it felt great to be riding again, she purred like a kitten , bogs a little if rpm to gear ratio is off but a down shift and it was beautiful. Felt like I was on my old 96' 1500 interstate again Upon returning to house i told my friend( vtx1300 rider) to give it a try and off he went I could hear him going through the gears until he was out of hearing range. About 10 mins later I could hear him returning and then nothing, I went to go check on him to find him on the side of the road, he said he clutched it to drop from fifth to fourth and it went dead. When started was pressed nothing , pulled out meter and checked battery and had 12.8 v which was okay with lights on and trying to get bike to turnover, nothing seemed locked up checked oil and was fine. Thought okay started just ate it so I was gonna push start it but no good, put in second gear squeezed clutch and pushed released clutch afer some speed built up an tire just slid with no turning at all. I thought " my luck, the engine locked up. I put in fifth and rocked back and fourth until tire turned, I put in neutral and "I " drove home. Think maybe piece of trash I transmission may have lock it up. Got bike home put on center stand , cranked and went through gears over and over, could not reproduce problem. Finally here question, can I remove front drain and flush system with diesel to remove any trash inside. Let it dryout good and replace filter and oil to ensure clean fluid with no debris. Rattle quietened down considerably after first flush. Help need ideas and I could use any info possible changing plugs and syncing carbs next but still puzzled, would carb sync and valve adjustment help my situation? Sorry for being longwinded, just trying to give details. Oh yeah bike shows 59 K miles but speedo broke so I'm not sure of mileage.

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Re: New"older" bike, new problems to fix

Post by WingAdmin » Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:04 am

The "rattle" is in fact your primary chain, which will make lots of noise at low RPM and higher engine load - especially if the carbs need to be synced. Sync those carbs, and I think you'll find most if not all of that rattle will disappear.

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Re: New"older" bike, new problems to fix

Post by twostrokes48 » Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:49 pm

The other things you need to do is change the timing belts, drain ALL fluids and change those you havn't changed already. Pay attention to cleaning out the return hole to master cyl on brakes, tear down and clean up calipers, How old are tires?? good luck with it

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