So many problems.... so little time

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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So many problems.... so little time

Postby grains » Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:54 pm

Hello. this is the third time that I have done a new topic and am very thankful to have so many people who have been able to help me out.
First, I am still relatively new to the 84 Goldwing that I bought in the spring. and am still trying to get used to it. All has been well so far but there is a couple of things that I still want to check into before the white stuff falls.
First. When I have been riding, especially around town, the temp seems to rise too hi. Now, what I think is hi, and I'm not sure that I am explaining right. But the temp. goes 2 bars above the single vertical line on my gauge and into the double line. (Hope I am explaining right) Is this too hot? I have not heard the fans kick on. Which leads me to the next question. Where is the Temp switch which turns on these fans? I know that there I can test the fans and switch.
Second. Where are the 3 yellow wires that come from the stator? Supposedly the stator was changed 3 years before I bought the bike in the spring, but I would like to look at these wires to see if they need attention.
Third. When riding all seems well but when I do a slow turn, it seems to have a wobble in the forks. Now, when I bought the bike, the fork seals were leaking. So a friend and I pulled the forks and changed them. The seal on the left fork lasted about a week and 2 rides before it profusely failed. So I bought another fork off of ebay, replaced the seal in it and put it in. Now I can't honestly say whether the wobble was there before or not but it Kinda concerns me. I have put the bike on the center stand and shook the forks, front to back and side to side and didn't really find any loose bearings So any ideas?
Thank you all in advance for your help.

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Re: So many problems.... so little time

Postby dan1951 » Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:26 pm

Almost all Your questions are already answered here if You search the forum. The temp. seems to be within limits The system is designed to operate at 180F. The seals failing premature are probally due to worn upper and lower bushings or Bent, bad surface on fork tube. Good luck with all.

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Re: So many problems.... so little time

Postby SilverDave » Thu Oct 06, 2011 8:49 pm

The fans should kick in about 7 or 8 bars above the zero point... depending on the outside temp, and how slow you are riding.

I had the fan switch fail last year.. as Long as you are riding above 60 ( k) then its not needed .
The fan switch is in behind one of the the rad attachment points.. You have to drain, and remove the rad to get at it... so be sure you need to do this.. as in, test it carefully before pulling it..... Its several hours Re and re., and it requires new Honda premix, and new O-rings, gaskets, etc, depending on how careful you are on dis-assembly.
The sensor switch ( looks like a thermostat , sorta ) apparently comes in several sizes... be sure and take the old one with you .

The three yellow wires are to the left of the battery, and near the lower part of the engine on bike's left hand side.
Be sure you do the THREE PART STATOR test , before you do any removal, or anything else at all, really.

Usually hard soldering, ( with double shrink wrap ) and perhaps an Electrical Connection GL1200 harness will fix most stator problems, if the stator has not already died. Your Stator output should be around 75 volts, AC, so be sure to set your multimeter correctly when doing the tests.

The wobble could be bent or scratched bushings, as Dan said... But bad ( worn ) tires can also cause this. The fact the new seal went so quickly, probably means " Bent or Scratched " :( Used but working forks from a GoldWing parts person, who is selling their bike for parts would clear THAT issue up.

Keep the Shiny side UP, and the rubber side down !!!... and happy Winging !!


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Re: So many problems.... so little time

Postby Thundercloud » Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:50 am

Dave and Dan are both giving good information, something i have found in my shop on the low speed wobble is that if the steering stem has never been serviced which is likely the case this may be the cause for the low speed wobble.
The three yellow wires mentioned coming from the stator if there is still a plug in the line by the battery remove it and solder these wires back together with out the plug. on my 85 Aspy it runs normally one bar above the the double line


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Re: So many problems.... so little time

Postby grains » Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:23 am

Thanks guys for all the info.
Since I have changed the front fork and replaced the seal, there is no leak. I am not sure about the steering service but will check into this . Is it a big deal to fix. Could I do this myself?
Thank you to Silver Dave for the info on the fans and the good heat range info. My bike usually runs at 2 bars above the bottom of the double line so appears ok.
Thundercloud gave me the info I needed about the stator and I found and checked the wires and found that they were soldered together but only single shrink wrapped and in the original hole left by the connectors. So I am going to give it a liberal wrapping of electrical tape and try to check at least yearly so there is no shorts.
Thanks again very much for your help and info.
Enjoy, before the white stuff comes

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