replace rear tire

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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replace rear tire

Post by furnacedoc » Sat Mar 17, 2012 4:35 pm

Hello everyone, What a beautiful day here in northern Indiana , about 75 degrees and sunny .YeeHaw. So my question is this, I am going to replace my tires , both front and rear . I know the procedure for the front but have questions on exactly what needs to be done to remove the rear wheel and also what other items I should check and or replace when I have them off. I bought new stems , how often should they be replaced? The local shops only change them if they leak? any help will be greatly appreciated. See Ya on the Road.

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Re: replace rear tire

Post by D2D » Sat Mar 17, 2012 6:35 pm

1. Put the bike on the center stand. You don't need any jacks or blocks. Empty the trunks if you've got much weight in them.
2. Remove the seat (two allen-head bolts on each side in the handles).
3. Remove the shields at the fronts of the mufflers (two bolts on each side).
4. Loosen (do not remove) the exhaust pipe/muffler clamps (total of four bolts, two at the front of each muffler).
5. Remove the muffler bolts under the trunks (one each side), and rotate the mufflers down.
6. Support the rear assembly with a jack or block (taking precautions to protect the rear body work). Open the side trunks. On the inside wall of each trunk, near the front, is a rubber plug (on the SE/Aspencade, the air hose passes through this plug in the right trunk). Remove the plugs and REMOVE the bolt behind each plug (one each side).
7. Where the seat was, near the back, and just behind the shock mounts, are two bolts, one on each side of the frame, holding the rear frame to the main frame. Loosen (do not remove) these two bolts.
8. Step around to the back of the bike, take hold of the trunks underneath, and lift. The whole rear end (trunks, lights, hitch and all) will lift up and pivot on the two upper frame bolts, exposing the rear wheel and axle! Raise it up until the antennas touch the handlebars, and secure it in place. I looped a rope around the handlebars and tied it to the trunk rack to hold it up.
9. Loosen the bottom left shock bolt. Pull the axle and the brake caliper (lay the caliper on the crash bar). Slide the wheel left and it's out! The reason for the change in step 6 above is that when you lower the rear end back into position for reassembly, the two lower bolts will prevent you from putting it back down if they are not completely removed....................................
10. Reassembly is in reverse order of assembly. YOU MAY NEED A SECOND PERSON to help you lower the trunk pack back into position. This is because it may be necessary to pull out on the fronts of the side trunks while lowering them, so they will pass over the top mounts of the rear crash bars.
11. With support under the back end of the trunk pack, use a small mirror to look through the access holes in the side trunks. Line up the bolt holes in the rear crash bars with the holes in the frame. Start the bolts, then lower the trunk pack into position and tighten the bolts. The whole rear assembly is held on by the two top bolts, the bolts at the tops of the rear crash bars (the ones behind the rubber plugs) and the muffler bolts.
The frame pieces behind the trunks do not have holes for the bolts, just slots. When you reassemble the trunk pack to the frame, you can support the back of the trunk pack so the slots are just above the bolts. Start the bolts through the crash bars into the frame, then when you lower the pack into position, the slots will engage the bolts. Then you can tighten them down.
If you're on the side of the road, you can lower the rear assembly back down, put the seat back on, and lock your parts in the trunk while you get your tire repaired. This gives you access to the swing arm and shocks, too. You can service the whole rear end, replace shocks, etc., without disassembling the trunks.

I got this from another source for you as I don't own a 1500 model, hope it helps

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Re: replace rear tire

Post by heidebill » Sat Mar 17, 2012 9:50 pm

Here is a video I made of lifting Bags on my 1500, and Rear Wheel rmoval
Hope they help

Lifting Bags

Rear Wheel Removal

Have fun

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Re: replace rear tire

Post by dingdong » Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:46 am

All good instructions unless you run into other problems. Almost never as easy as the instructions make it look. I couldn't rotate the mufflers down no matter what I tried. It just wouldn't break loose. I found that you only need about 1/4 inch clearance to pull the axle out and the muffler will flex that far down so the axle will pull past. Also if you have a trailer hitch that attaches to the bag frame you will still have to remove the bags in order to remove the hitch or the rack won't swing up. Just depends on what type if hitch you have. I'm there now just waiting on the new CT.


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