Cleaning windshield

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Cleaning windshield

Post by tangman41 » Wed Sep 05, 2012 11:07 am

Whats the best product to put on the windshield to keep it clear during a rain storm.Last nite was my first "adventure" riding in the rain,and man oh man I don't see how people do it.Windshield? forget it couldn't see nothin. And glasses? rain droplets and fog.My 22 miles from work to home took me off the freeway and onto the city streets if I intended to arrive home safely.Wingsconsin, that's taking Portwashington Rd. from Silverspring all the way to Grafton.Since I'm a fair weather rider I took note of the weather mans forecast witch said almost no chance for rain as I headed happily off to work on this bright sunny day.Sure enough while listening to the Brewers game an hour before I get off work they interrupt with a sever thunder storm warning with 70 mph winds and 1/4 inch hail.Crap!! Well I didn't say "crap" said the other word as I headed over to my bike to see If I had at least had left my rain suit in the trunk.Yep,I did.Well at least the engine isn't stalling anymore however I still need to replace the fuel filter as it still bogs down when I "give err"I'm sure its starving for fuel.Wingsconsin sure that sounds good maybe later next week might work.Maybe we can replace my burnt out high beam.Ill let ya know. I work 2nd shift in Milw. Oh, do I have to get a filter at the Dealer? I'm thinking if I get a part # I should be able to get one at any parts store. again thanks for all your help friends.

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Re: Cleaning windshield

Post by Wingsconsin » Wed Sep 05, 2012 11:30 am

I use Honda Spray cleaner on my windscreen (Tall Tulsa) and the water just runs off (and onto my lap...

Fuel Filter -- Napa #3003 works great, clear body to keep an eye on it, little bigger than stock filter so just wedges in between plastic cowl and shelter frame w/no rubber holder.

If you are going to be a rider - you are going to ride in the rain -
I have a helmet with a face shield that raises and lowers - in the rain I just drop it down .

Headlamps are easy - just time consuming....a few piecs of plastic to take off to get in there easily...
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Re: Cleaning windshield

Post by WingAdmin » Wed Sep 05, 2012 11:58 am

The Honda Spray Cleaner does work quite well on windshields, and leaves a protective film that repels rain...but I find it doesn't last all that long. Pledge furniture spray is the same - and both remain somewhat oily, so they collect dust on your windshield.

The best stuff I've used for rain on my windshield (and helmet faceshield!) is Moto Solutions RainCoat. I wrote a review on the product along with a video demonstration.

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