I have some questions

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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I have some questions

Post by portugeezer » Wed Jan 09, 2013 5:05 am

Hello, I know most of you don't know me. I have been on the GL1000 a d GL1100 forums for past couple years. I had a fire that destroyed all three of my bikes on New Years Eve so I'm looking for a bike. A friend has his Dads 1988 GL1500 that he is trying to sell because his Mom passed and his Dad has lost interest in riding. I know nothing about the 1500. It has been sitting under a cover outside in Chicago weather for two years. It starts and runs. What should I be looking for? Thank you in advance for advice!

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Re: I have some questions

Post by RBGERSON » Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:37 am

Same as gl 1100's basically the only known issue that I know of is the off idle hesitation which is fixed by install a different timing wheel on the crank shaft not a big deal to do when you are changing the belts.

The general things brakes, smooth clutch??, rust in the gas tank???, tires age/condition, charging system, battery condition, compression, the only other issue I know of is fourth gear going out but I think that was on later models like 89 to 95?? not sure on the years but fixed in 96/97.

It is a lot more bike I just got one, a 97 I was riding an 81 before..big difference in power and ride.


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Re: I have some questions

Post by virgilmobile » Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:51 am

I got the same bike last year.
Look for a rusted through rear swing arm.
My 88 also had a badly worn shift arm bearing leading to a oil leak above the exhaust.
The shift lever normally has a bit of free play,maybe 1/4" up and down at the end.
Search on this site for the way to test for a possible transmission problem
Other than that and the normal service needed,I love the 6 cylinder.It's still 2 wheels but is more like switching from a station wagon with a V8 to a truck with a V10.
A bit bigger,heavier,hard pulling like a jet engine.
I can roll to the intersection below 25 MPH(700rpm),make the turn and accelerate back to 45 MPH and not take it out of overdrive.

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Re: I have some questions

Post by Wingsconsin » Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:20 am

Having an 1100 and a 1500 in the stable I can offer some comparisons....

1500 is better at LONG HIGHWAY rides...Why..? REAL CRUISE CONTROL..
1500 is harder to manuver -- a bit heavy at low speeds but you can get used to it.
1500 is covered in plastic so NO engine heat on your legs or the noise...
1500 has bigger trunk and bags so more carry capacity.
A well running 1500 can be beaten off the line by a good 1100 but not top end...quick vs fast...?

The 88 - 89 were plagued by the off idle hesitation that can be cured by adding a 4 degree trigger wheel.
Properly cleaned and adjusted carbs will help a lot with that...But it can work just fine without it.
The 88 model came loaded with almost every option. CB - cruise - etc.

If it has maintenance records and the oil has been changed, and other items are up to date...
You will like it...but at first it will make you scratch your head as you get used to the ride...it is a bit different...

The 1500's are the longest production run for the Goldwing ..'88 to '00 ....parts aplenty and many Wingers have owned them so the problems that arise all have solutions....A compufire alternator will resolve any charging issues. Tire selection in my opinion comes down to 2 choices right now....Avoin Venom or Dunlop E III's ...Go with the Venoms ! Pump them up to MAX pressure and enjoy. Progressive suspension all around will greatly enhance the ride and handling... Highway pegs, Mick-o-pegs and a Diamond custom seat and you will be doing 1000 mile days with ease... Edsets headsets for the helmet and a Tulsa windscreen....Wind wings are optional byut not needeed as the rider gets excellent wind protection at stock set up...

Chekc for rust in and on the exhaust, and general state of tune....

PICTURES ...! once you buy it...

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Your results may vary. Universal disclaimers apply.

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Re: I have some questions

Post by budavari » Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:01 am

The transmission issues were on the '91 to '94 models. I have a '93 and mine had to be fixed. It is correct that from '95 on, there were no more problems as well as '90 and before.

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