Installing replacement GL1500SE left handlebar control head

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Installing replacement GL1500SE left handlebar control head

Post by TSK » Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:47 pm

I had been having the usual push button problems described elsewhere here in the docs, and hadn't "gotten around to it" lubing everything, then my turn signal switch started failing, "crunching", and not returning to center.

I purchased a new left hand control head assy, and started dismantling to install it (while also pulling the instrument cluster to replace all the bulbs) and I got to the stage where I wanted to trace the existing harness to plug in the new one.

OK, so where the heck does this harness terminate, and how much more do I have to take off to find the connectors? The fairing?


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Re: Installing replacement GL1500SE left handlebar control h

Post by Mag » Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:39 pm

Hope this helps....

If anything like the 1988, you have to remove the left fairing lowers (which includes undoing the reflector lights, etc.) and then I also undid the instrument cluster (to do the LED light change) so that it was easier to find all the plastic ties that held the wiring in place.

Easiest solution (once again, if like the 1988), the plug in is just above the left radiator. Tie a string to the old connectors, pull the wires to the old controls up over the radiator and the front forks, and follow them all the way back to the left handlebar, you will have to do a lot of wiggling of the connectors themselves and don't pull hard or the string will come off.

I have medium sized hands, and had problems getting things undone and reconnected. You have to undo a lot of plastic ties to get the old wiring out, so keep track of the pieces.

Untie the string, and tie to the new left controls, and pull them back down. Reconnect the wires and install the new controls to the handlebar. Refasten all plastic ties, and then put all plastic pieces back on (the way you took them off).

I would recommend to help you....
- Wiring diagram for the left controls so you can follow where they go with the bike
- Instructions on this board for instrument cluster removal (made it easier to get my hands down the forks to undo the 2 plastic ties)
- Instructions on this board for the subfilter removal, follow instructions for the lower fairing, and do it for the left side.

It is actually easy, and I am glad I saw the "string" trick, that really helped and saved a lot of cursing and shaking my head.

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