csc gl1500 rear brakes

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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fred hendrickson
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csc gl1500 rear brakes

Postby fred hendrickson » Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:10 pm

Is there anyone whom has a 1500 gl trike with csc kit that feels like the rear brakes are not very efective? I have a first generation gl1200 with motortrike kit and rear drum brakes; and it stops way better than the gl 1500 with rear disc brakes. Has anyone found a better compound rear disc pad set, or better enginering for the brakes on the thing? The gl1500 is a 1996 modle year.

Any info would be appreciated.

FRED hendrickson

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trike lady
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Re: csc gl1500 rear brakes

Postby trike lady » Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:08 pm

I believe the brake calipers are proprietary to CSC, if you contact CSC they may have a different pad available.
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fred hendrickson
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Joined: Sat Dec 01, 2012 6:05 pm
Location: bonners ferry id
Motorcycle: 1996 GL1500 a

Re: csc gl1500 rear brakes

Postby fred hendrickson » Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:01 am

I emailed csc, they said they only showed one part number for the rear pads. Is there anyone else out there that has a GL1500 that is having the same issue?


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Re: csc gl1500 rear brakes

Postby Diggerdave » Tue Nov 10, 2015 6:40 pm

I know this post is a bit late but I'm sure that if someone is looking at this thread it may be useful to them.

The Rear brakes on my 1997 GL1500 CSC Sport conversion, converted in 2011 are VW beetle front calipers and discs with Citroen 2CV hand brake pads.
I wanted to upgrade the rear brakes, whilst they were adequate they were only just. I found that EBC Green 2000 brake pads were advertised as giving up to 30% better braking than stock pads. I fitted the new pads and within a couple of hundred miles I could notice a significant improvement and they are still performing well after quite a few thousand miles. The pads are described as Organic & Kevlar so will wear out a bit quicker but without to much disc wear. One advantage is, with being car pads they are twice as thick as motorbike pads!
I fitted Ferodo Organic & Kevlar to the front brakes and I now have a stop on a dime system.
The EBC pads were more than twice the cost of stock VW pads but what price good brakes! CSC pads would more than likely be even higher cost.
The Ferodo pads were similar cost to stock pads off eBay.

First post on this forum. I hope it helps someone!

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