90' - 00' dampers

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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90' - 00' dampers

Post by gordonv » Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:23 pm

The rear wheel dampers, this might be some info for some, and might confirm for me some thoughts.

I have an 88' GW, after research, confirming that the drive gear is the same on an 88' (6 spokes) and a 91' (5 spokes) drive, which means that the flange splines are all the same, only the wheel mounts are different (6 or 5 spokes), I bought a spare 91' rim with rotor, so I can mount a tire onto it and swap out my worn rear.

Time to swap out the rear wheels to change my worn tire out, and mount the 91' rim on my 88', and had 2 problems.

First, the 91' rotor wasn't the same size (larger) as the 88', so I had to take off the 88' rotor and mount it on my 91' rim.

Time to mount on the bike, but the flange wouldn't go into the splines, the dust cover was the wrong size. Removed the cover, and the splines fit right up, no problems. I ordered a replacement 91' dust cover, now just waiting for it to arrive. Now just a fair weather bike so I don't get too much crud into the final drive.

Since the dampers where not a problem in the 91', I didn't take them out. But I did compare the Valkyrie GL1500CF flange with the one that came on my 91' rim, and they mated up OK to the dampers on the rim, didn't check the splines. But I did look over the fische, and found that the 2 piece dampers for a GW matched up to the 97' Valkyries, which where also 2 pieces. Many people purchase the newer Valkyrie Interstate dampers, which are a one piece unit, where the rubber is formed around the metal insert, and was also cheaper than the 2 part ones. These kits on a 98' GW SE seem interesting.

So it seems all the 90' + GW, and the Valkyires are all the same damper size. I bought some after market dampers, one made from a stronger rubber, and the metal insets inside.

Has anyone confirmed, or used, the Valkyrie dampeners on a GW 5 spoke rim yet?

Are the flanges the same also?

I'll find out myself if I remember, when I remove my rear wheel to replace the dust cover, buy checking out the Valkyre flange to the rear drive on the GW.

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Re: 90' - 00' dampers

Post by WingAdmin » Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:37 pm

When I replaced my dampers this year, there were five, with the metal inserts. Honda's replacements do not include the metal, so you have to push them out of the old dampers and into the new ones.

I found it next to impossible to push the new dampers back into the wheel, so I sprayed a light coating of silicone on each one, and they then slid in very easily.

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