Could I have the timing belts off one tooth?

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Could I have the timing belts off one tooth?

Post by amsoilguy » Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:38 pm

When replacing the belts on my '88 I quadrupled checked the marks. After, I hand cranked the engine several rotations and then checked the marks again...they lined up. When I buttoned it up I started the engine and it seemed to run fine. That was many weeks and other maintenance items ago and this weekend I finally got it back on the road. I had the hesitation issue before and the only carb work I did was spray some engine foam down the carbs in hopes of cleaning out any remaining deposits, knowing I probably will have to pull them to address the hesitation. Well, it runs worse than before, with surging and hesitation happening in all gears. It's bad enough I'm not going to ride it now so I might as well start the carb pull and check all vacuum lines.

Could vacuum leaks only cause this poor of running condition? I'm hoping that's it and not a screw up on the timing belts. Any advice is appreciated.


'88 GL1500

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Re: Could I have the timing belts off one tooth?

Post by ct1500 » Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:01 pm

You seem certain it was correct and probably is. One tooth off will not cause that running problem, plugged carbs and/or vacuum leaks will.
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