1500 goldwing

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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1500 goldwing

Post by tommyh » Wed May 19, 2010 7:39 am

I Bought A 1997 GL1500 it has not run in 8 yrs gas was left in tank some rust in tank only 4000 miles on bike any help i can get before i try to start it would be great

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Re: 1500 goldwing

Post by rayworx@comcast.net » Thu May 20, 2010 12:15 pm

Ya want the bad news??? or the really bad news???

The bad news is after 8 years it's a pretty good bet that the carbs will have to be pulled and rebuilt.
A service manual would be a good purchase before tearing them apart. Be sure to remove all the diaphragms before you soak or clean them. Don't forget the air cut valve, the accelerator pump and the piston diaphragms.

The really bad news... if you don't clean out the fuel tank all the rust in it will contaminate the (hopefully cleaned) carbs.
The battery will have to be replaced if you haven't done that already.
The brake fluid and the clutch fluid will have to be flushed and bled out.
You should also replace the oil, filter, coolant, final drive oil.
There might be the need to rebuild the brake calipers... maybe the master cylinders.
Tires that old should be replaced even if there's plenty of tread left.

First thing to do would be to try to get it running prior to the carb/fuel tank cleaning. See if the engine is strong, and if it does run. You might find that the engine will only run when the choke is 'ON'. It might die when the choke is in the 'OFF' position. That would be fairly normal and be a sign that the slow speed circuits in the carbs are clogged. They are the smallest of the jets inside the carbs and the easiest/first to clog.

Sounds like there's some mechanical work in store for you.
Don't forget about that service manual<G>

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Re: 1500 goldwing

Post by WingAdmin » Thu May 20, 2010 12:52 pm

I'd add a set of timing belts to that list. After sitting in one position for that long, I wouldn't want to have them in charge of my valvetrain.

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Re: 1500 goldwing

Post by raycw » Fri May 21, 2010 12:40 pm

Actually the timing belts would be about the last thing I'd worry about now. You need to get the bike running and make sure all is well first. If, lets say, you've got a major problem... maybe the engine is toast... you'd waste money buying belts now. Save your money and replace them after you get everything else done.
It'd be a good idea to pull the belt covers and do a visual check on the belts... make sure they are there, in one piece. Rotate the engine over by hand (the crank bolt under the cam covers is the best way to turn over the engine) and watch the belts. Make sure they rotate smoothly and check the timing to make sure they are timed properly.

For that matter... you need to concentrate on getting the engine running first. Don't put new tires on now... just to find out the engine is wasted and you've put new tires on a dead duck.

But I do agree that setting for 8 years isn't good for the belts.

Did I mention that it'd be a good time to buy a service manual???<G>

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Re: 1500 goldwing

Post by brs1701d » Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:24 pm

Hey Tommy,

In a similar situation, although the 1994 interstate I recently purchased, with 5000 Miles, had been run periodically. The previous owner had recently had the carbs stripped and cleaned (£700.00 bill) and the bike was running well. I enjoyed the 70 mile ride home, even though the rain accompanied me.

So far I have replaced the timing belts, fork seals, front brake pads, coolant, and engine oil. Things to do, replace both tyres, rear brake pads, brake and clutch fluid.

I have spent most of today putting a shine back on the front wheel, there was corrosion on the surface and have spent many hours rubbing down and polishing. One side is polished now, and although it has taken many hours, looks fantastic.

Hope to be finished within the next couple of weeks.


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