Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Post by hugger-4641 » Fri Aug 08, 2014 9:47 pm

I put this in a new post so it might be easier to find for someone who needs it. Since my last thread where I mentioned my #3 relay going out , I have done a little research on replacements. The only info I can find on other forums mentions the pilot PLRY1 relay as a suitable replacement. Well, no autoparts store within 100 miles of me stocks the RY1 or the OEM Omron G8MS-H30. But there is a large salvage yard in the town where I work, so I stopped by and raided every wreck I thought might be a winner. I pulled about 50 relays and out of those, I found seven (7) different models of relays that I personally tested a few hours ago on my Aspencade and they all fit and worked just fine in the #3 relay slot. I also made sure the relay box cover would close over each one.

I'm sorry I didn't keep track of the specific vehicle and year model that each one came from, but they all came from either a Honda,Acura,Mitsubishi, or Chrysler product. I have noted beside the two that I know for sure are at least rated for 20amps. Here are the ones that worked:

Omron 521F011C, 20amps- this one came from a cooling fan on a Mitsubishi, I think it was a Galant.

Mitsubishi RC-2225, 20 amps-this one came out of an Acura.

Mitsubishi RC-2201 and RC-2203. These are slightly bigger than the Rc-2225,I'm guessing they are 30amps or larger, which would be fine. These came out of Honda Pilots, Accords, , etc.

Omron MB183865. pretty sure this one came out of a **** Eclipse or Eagle Talon.

Mitsubishi MR312504. Think this one came out of a Chrysler. This one you have to break off the tabs on the side for it to seat.

Denso 056700-7250. Pulled several of these from Civics and various other cars.

If you haven't figured out, I like to tinker sometimes, so the Denso is in my #3 slot right now becuase it is the smallest of all the ones listed above. If it fails anytime soon I will come back and post. Keep in mind, I pulled all of these from wrecked mid 90's to mid 2000 year vehicles and my #3 relay circuit is a little heavy loaded due to extra lighting and heavy use of reverse while backing out of my driveway. If it lasts me any good length of time, it is probably a safe choice for anyone else.
If I was out on the road and in a pinch, I would probably rob the horn relay or the air pump relay for my #3 just to be safe and put one of the "uncertain" candidates above in their place.

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