94A Winter Maintenance Questions

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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94A Winter Maintenance Questions

Post by landisr » Mon Dec 08, 2014 6:10 pm

Yes, here in the Phoenix area "winter" is a relative term :D but with 20 years and 170,000+ miles on the scoot, plus HOT weather riding next summer, it's time to lift the hood and do some preventative work.

I get an occasional spot on the garage floor from what I presume is the water pump area. I will double check it of course, but if I proceed with replacement, I think I should also replace the radiator hoses and thermostat, along with cleaning the radiators both inside and out. Is there anything else regarding the cooling system that should be addressed?

The timing belts are about 8 years old and have about 50-60,000 miles on them, so I may replace them while the bike is "opened up". I will also be replacing the sub-air and cruise/compressor filters.

ALSO: I am thinking it's about time to replace vacuum and fuel lines, again, because of age, miles, upcoming heat, etc. I have heard horror stories about the cost of OEM hoses, seeing as how there are so many of them, and of course some may have "unique" shapes, etc. Can anyone advise me as to what size and type of hoses I should buy, and approximate quantities? Also, is there a way to "shape" a length of hose into an elbow or curve without crimping or pinching? Or should I get specific pre-formed ones? Any heads-up Words Of Wisdom would be most greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. Ron in AZ

PS. I have a Clymer manual, and plan on taking pics along the way. If all goes well, I will draft a How-To posting to share here.

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Re: 94A Winter Maintenance Questions

Post by WingAdmin » Tue Dec 09, 2014 10:03 am

The occasional drip of coolant is usually caused by a loose hose clamp - you can tighten them, or as I did, just replace the clamps altogether with a higher quality (stainless steel) one that can apply adequate sealing pressure.

As for the timing belts - at 8 years and 50-60,000 miles, I can say that if it were my bike, the belts would be getting replaced. Changing the belts on the GL1500 is much easier than on other Wings, there is a lot less disassembly involved.

The OEM hoses are pretty expensive, and they do deteriorate (the inside corners of angled bends) causing vacuum leaks. You can replace them if you feel the need...but personally I'm waiting until I DO have a vacuum leak before I get in there and start disturbing things. At that point I'll likely just buy a big spool of vacuum hose, a bag of T's and elbows, and some sealer to seal the elbows to the hoses, and make my own replacements - all of them, but done one at a time, to make sure I get the connections right. :)

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Re: 94A Winter Maintenance Questions

Post by RBGERSON » Tue Dec 09, 2014 10:11 am

I keep hearing about the bends in the vacuum hose being the weak spot. What about getting some copper pipe and use that for the bends? I realize it adds extra breaks in the tubes but copper won't "ever" leak and if set in with a sealer one shouldn't even need to add a clamp but you could if there was room??? But then again replacing the tubes once ever 10 to 15 years isn't too bad either.


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