91 GL1500 info on brakes

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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91 GL1500 info on brakes

Postby Joe_ » Sat Aug 01, 2015 3:54 pm

I have a new to me 91 GL1500 Aspencade. I did a search here and it seemed that the consensus is that the OEM brakes are best.
Just want to be sure I am not missing anything or that the consensus has changed.

The bike is equipped with a large 2+2 sidecar, The car weighs 400# with a passenger or 320 with just ballast in it.
The brakes are not so hot on this bike and I'd like to fix that.
Please explain to me about upgrading the brakes on this bike. I don't want to make any costly new guy mistakes but I need more brakes if possible.

Right now it has organic pads on it. I haven't pulled them yet to get the brand but you can smell them if you attempt to stop hard. The sidecar has brakes too and they are function well. The bike and car stop straight even in a hard stop.
No matter how hard you grab the front brake while pushing as hard as possible on the rears you can't make the wheels lock on this bike.
I understand the integrated braking idea but this bike does not stop real fast and you can smell the brakes after an attempt which I don't see as a good sign.

The rear rotor has got some grooves in it. The fronts are in very good shape with little of no wear. Which seems odd if they are working correctly. One should be worn equally as bad as the rear is I would think?

I looked in the EBC catalog and found a new rotor for the back but it stated that it could only be used with their organic pads. I was hoping to use Ebc HH pads on it and the fronts to make it stop faster. At that point I stopped and came here for advice.

What is up with this. Is their something wrong with my brakes on this bike or would this be something a Wing owner would expect and be used to?

Will the EBC HH brake pads damage the rotors on this bike more they wear the rotors on most other brands? They are made of a high quality sintered material. I realize that they are more aggressive than some other pads but on all of my other bikes the wear is minimal. Sometimes they wear the rotor less than the original pads. Are Honda's special in this respect?

Has anyone disregarded EBC's advice and run their replacement billet rotors with the HH pads? Was it a mistake? Do the EBC rotors with the recommended brake pads out stop the stock brake pads?
Do the stock brake pads work well with the EBC rotors? I would like to replace the rear disk and the EBD is about 1/2 the price of the oem unit. When I change it do I need new bolts?

What brake pads do you use that stop these bikes the fastest?
Should I be able to lock the wheels on this bike? The rear has less weight on it because the sidecar wheel shares the rear wheel weight. I would have thought that if I pushed the rear peddle really hard the rear would have reached a point where it locked.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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Re: 91 GL1500 info on brakes

Postby redial » Sun Aug 02, 2015 2:48 am

Have you checked your brake lines? As the brake lines are now getting on a bit, they may be starting to expand when you apply pressure. When was the last time the fluid was changed? Old fluid collects water, and that causes brakes to be less efficient. Also, gunk (technical term?) building up in the system can make them less effective, as well.
Len in Kapunda

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Re: 91 GL1500 info on brakes

Postby dingdong » Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:31 am

+1 on your brake lines. Consider replacing with braided stainless steel lines. Member here sells them. Contact Andy (lopeha) for info.


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Re: 91 GL1500 info on brakes

Postby Joe_ » Sun Aug 02, 2015 12:55 pm

Thanks for the replies so far.
I looked more carefully last night after removing and assembling Tupperware for the first time to check the condition of the air filter. :shock: One of the just replaced fork seals is leaking a little. Not sure if that has coated one of the disks with traces of oil. I've found a receipt for one front brake rotor being replaced recently which means that the front and back brakes were probably working together properly. :)

From posting here and elsewhere I have come up with a sort of plan. Change the pads to stock all the way around. Replace the rear rotor with a new stock one. Change the fluid. Fix the fork seal and degrease the rotor if that is in fact an issue. ( it didn't feel like it had any oil on it but the brake line did have a slight bit of oil on it). Take it out and break in the brakes then see if it stops better.

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