GL1500 clock staying on

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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GL1500 clock staying on

Postby sanglasmick » Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:14 am

Hi All,

Bought my 96 GL1500 about 8 months back. Have been catching up with basic maintenance and generally tidying since.

Recently I noticed that my time clock started going too fast! In an hour it would move forward by maybe 2 or 3 hours then just stop. But then when I turned off the ignition and took out the key the digits would stay on. All other ignition/dash lights and functions are normal.

It has been a very wet autumn and winter here in Ireland and I have been riding throughout. I think we had rain every day for 3 months solid.

So before I spend countless hours with manual and meter in hand I thought I'd ask the wealth of experience here first.

Any thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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Re: GL1500 clock staying on

Postby Bluewaterhooker0 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:31 am

The issue of gaining time is a well known and discussed problem. If I recall, it is peculiar to the '96 and '97 models, of which I have one, the '97. If you watch the time display while it is misbehaving, you will probably notice it gains right at 1 minute for every 10 seconds of time elapsed. I am convinced it is a humidity caused problem, as are many others. I have pointed a hair dryer up under the dash, and observed the correction of the problem, as soon as it appears the clock circuit board is heated, and dries out. Not necessarily water, just humidity. In my humid neck of the woods, the problem usually, virtually always, corrects itself within a few minutes or miles of drive time combined with engine heat. At the instant the problem corrects, all the dash lights simultaneously flash on for a moment, then off. Then all is good, usually for the rest of the day, until it sits, unused, and in high humidity. On those RARE occasions when the humidity is dry, overnight, it will maintain proper time while off. A solution has been proposed with intermittent success, whereby you remove, clean, and reseal the clock circuit board. I have not tried it yet.
Your second issue is not, as far as I know, related to the first. The display always goes off on my bike when the key is switched off. I have also, never read of the second symptom reported regarding the first issue. They are probably unrelated. The board must still be powered by the key switch, or elsewhere for the display to stay on. You might try 'playing' with the switch to see if you can manually make the display go off, when switched off at the key.
Do a search on GL1500 clock issues. You should find plenty of reading material, as well as a How-To on the suggested repair for the time issue.
That's my 2 cents, and the extent of my knowledge.
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Re: GL1500 clock staying on

Postby Mh434 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:57 pm

I had the same problem on my '97, and it turned out to be a sticky relay (in the relay panel, beside the fuse panel). Until I got a replacement, tapping on the relay with the handle of a screwdriver worked, shutting off the clock & getting it running properly again. I got replacements from WingAdmin, here on the forum, as he carries the genuine article & his prices are better than anywhere else.

I don't recall which relay it was (#3, I think - top right relay on the panel?). Tapping on it was, of course, just a temporary fix. It's important not to neglect this, as when the clock is still on (and the keys are out) I believe other circuits are live as well, and your battery charge will fall rapidly, leaving you stranded. This happened to me just hours before going on a long group ride, of course... :roll:

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Motorcycle: GL1500 1996.

Re: GL1500 clock staying on

Postby sanglasmick » Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:19 pm

Many many thanks you guys.

This is exactly why this forum is so great. I had a problem, now I have two! But both probably correct diagnoses. At least now I can confirm to my good lady wife that the timber shed which houses our bikes is no longer fit for purpose, as it is damp.

So block built shed here we come. And #3 relay needs careful inspection.

Joking apart, your help and advise is greatly appreciated, at least I now have a starting point for repair of both issues.

And bluewaterhooker, if you ever get to this side of the pond, please look me up. Its a great place to holiday,especially on a wing.

Thanks again.

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