Mod to deal with Missing Ignition Dust Cover

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Mod to deal with Missing Ignition Dust Cover

Post by vv0350 » Wed Mar 02, 2016 12:27 pm

About a month ago...we noticed that the little stainless dust cover that slides back a forth over the ignition lock..(on our California Side Car trike) was gone...the lock still works but the cover seems gone...when the cover is working, it seems to bend down when you put the key in place...and then springs back when you remove the key....I'm guessing the spring that pushes the piece back broke...I don't know...the lock still works...
So. to keep dust and rain out when it is parked I found a PVC cap that fit, with a little fitting, over the piece that I had made to hold the lock in place in the ignition switch cover...Since the bike was convened to a trike, it became impossible to keep the circular trip piece in pace...kept shaking loose..So I took a round piece of boot heel to fit around the lock..then a piece of PVC to go around the rubber to hold it tight to the lock cylinder. Works fine...
Actually look kind of neat to see the PVC cap, that I cut down some and painted black, sitting on the lock assembly..

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