97 1500SE display diag for tilt?

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97 1500SE display diag for tilt?

Post by lglamb » Fri Mar 25, 2016 5:10 pm

Hi. This may drag on a bit. :)

Went out to start 97 1500SE for spring startup. Display ok, then showed something like "TIS" (Interlude, low battery, so recharged. After recharge, just small right arrow.)

No response from starter button. After a bit, there was a "tick" from the head race area and display goes total blank. Hope is a fuse or relay, have not gone further on that yet.

Question, is there actually a screen display for a tilt/bank sensor activation?

Detail 2, bike has never tripped (to my knowledge) on any tipovers, however it was tipped for a couple weeks about a month ago. Learning the sensor is damped with silicone/? this could make some sense.

Thanks. Been searching for anything regarding on-board diagnostics, but no luck.


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Re: 97 1500SE display diag for tilt?

Post by Greenwinger » Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:54 pm

No, no display for bank angle sensor. The small arrow only showing sounds like the usual 96/97 (mostly) bad display when it is humid or damp out. My 97 has the problem, goes away after 10 min. or so of the engine running and the heat drying out the display. I am hoping to deal with it in the next week or so. The tilt sensor is mounted to the frame just above the right saddle bag, it is a half round sensor with 3 wires coming out of it. Sounds to me like you may have tripped the engine kill switch or it has tripped itself, try giggling it with the start button pressed. My kill switch had tripped internally due to a weak spring, took it all a part stretched the spring out a bit and now she works like new.

Good luck

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