Running rich at mid rpm's

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Running rich at mid rpm's

Post by tbrady » Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:06 am

I think I may have a unique problem with my 1988 GL1500 as I've just read every carb post on this forum.
At the rpms, when the CV slides begin to open, the bike hesitates. I know that it's being caused by to rich a fuel mix but don't know why.
If I hold CV slides closed, rich mixture does not occur.
I rebuilt carbs using kits, checked fuel floats (twice, 8mm), and replaced new main jet needles back with the old ones.
Main jets were replaced with identical. (155)
SaberCarb Kits 1988-91 Ultra2 Pkg, Goldwing GL1500 15-Ultra2 $251.00
Carefully used diagram in Clymer manual to rebuild slides. (washer under needle).
All vacuum lines carefully inspected and routed.
Could this be carb control unit problem? Could 4 degree trigger wheel help? Is something wrong with the floats that I cannot see?

Update: 8/28
Air jet controller circuit does not seem to have any effect on how the bike runs. I have manually activated the solenoids and nothing happens. There is no vacuum at the solenoids.
May be running rich all the time but most noticeable at 2000 rpm.

Update 8/31
Many of you are reading this, but no comments.
Checked plugs, maybe not running as rich as I thought, but still having hesitation. Ordered 4 degree trigger wheel today.

Update 9/12
Installed 4 degree trigger wheel and new timing belts. Made no difference. I'm convinced floats are set to rich. Used carb controller ordered on Ebay turned out to be an ignition controller.

Update 9/13
Sold bike. Bought GL1800 with fuel injection. Carburetor problem solved.

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