Doesn't want to start

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Doesn't want to start

Post by cjeffers9 » Fri Sep 16, 2016 9:44 pm

Had a little problem this week. Used reverse backing out of garage (the motor was warm) the bike died. Lights still bright the starter didn't click like a dead battery. Well put a charger fired right up. So rode with some buddy stopped afew times . Bike always started. After a good lunch I used the reverse again same thing bike died . Had to push it off. Stopped a few times had to push it off. When home parked the girl . Thursday she fired right up , stopped and filled her up started no problem. Ad a doctor's appointment when leaving she wouldn't start again ,push it off took her home back in the garage. This moring fired right up . Is there a relay on the reverse maybe stuck and not letting it start at times .haven't put the charger on it since the frist time . Battery good . Any ideas??

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Re: Doesn't want to start

Post by Charlie1Horse » Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:13 pm

I don't know if it is like the 92 but, my 92 FSM shows a relay switch under the seat.
Try working the reverse lever a few times when this happens in case the switch is sticking.

Remove the seat.
Depress the starter/reverse switch button with the ignition switch ON.
The relay primary coil is normal if it clicks.

92 FSM shows relays 3 and 8 in the relay box.
Same procedure for these relays however this
only relates to the primary coils in the relays.
Try swapping them around.

Looks as if there is a diode pack behind the right saddlebag and reverse switch on 92 behind right front side cover.
I hope this is of some help.

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Re: Doesn't want to start

Post by RBGERSON » Sat Sep 17, 2016 7:52 am

Could be the reverse lever isn't quite in the off position..wiggling might do it adjusting the reverse lever mechanism too.


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