Tires Poll

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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What is your preference brand name on tires for your GL1800?

1. Bridgestone G704/G702
2. Metzeler ME880
3. Dunlop Elite 3
4. Bridgestone Other
5. Dunlop Other
6. Avon
7. Other
No votes
Total votes: 45

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Tires Poll

Post by cisgeek » Sat Mar 13, 2010 7:54 pm

Which tires do you have and how long have you had them for? Are you happy with them?

I have front Dunlop D250F (junk) and rear Bridgestone G704. Am satisfied with the Bridgestone but not with Dunlop. Considering Metzler tires, but not sure because have heard some stories about them not being worth the purchase. Am leaning toward sticking with the Bridgestone tires instead. Never been a fan of the Dunlops. Have just over 15,000 miles on both tires. I think I have a couple more miles I can go with them, but these are the original tires and my bike is a 2002 GL1800. I bought the bike in the Fall of 2001, so the tires are really nearly 10 years old. See some cupping taking place on the front tire, but no wobble except for up at 60 mph. If I take my hands off the grips, the front end shakes. Otherwise, the rear is fine.

Thought I would tap into your opinions to see what the common opinion is about tires and what the majority of responders respond with for information. Any information would clearly be useful, not only to me, but perhaps by another person.

Thanks in advance for responding!

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Re: Tires Poll

Post by WingAdmin » Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:22 am

Hm, this might be a good idea for a custom page on the site - tires are something that people always need, and always have discussion about. I wonder if setting up a tires survey, with each year and model of Goldwing represented, in order to get a fair representation of what people use and what they like, would be useful?

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Re: Tires Poll

Post by detdrbuzzard » Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:32 pm

i have dunlop e3's on both wings.
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Re: Tires Poll

Post by gareva1 » Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:44 pm

I'm voting for the Bridgestones, but that's not the whole story---I use a bridgestone on the front, but a dunlop wintersport 175/60R16 car tire on the back...I truly like the bridgestone as a set, but I was going through the rear tires too fast (7-8000 miles, which is only a couple of months for me) so I moved to the darkside. I think the dunlop CT is just as good, if not better than the bridgestone MT on the rear, and lasts more than twice as long.

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Re: Tires Poll

Post by NRALifeMbr » Tue Apr 20, 2010 12:53 pm

Well the first problem I see is it took you 9 years to wear out a set of tires!! You need to ride more!!! I'm sure those carcasses are not safe and should be replaced due to age alone. I've got a 2003 with 101,000 miles and have used Dunlop Elite 3's, Metzler 880's, and my current Bridgestone 704/709's. The Elite 3's were good for the first 10,000 miles and cupped rather badly and were very noisy. I never did really like them in the rain though. They really tracked the tar snakes pretty hard. I got 18,000 miles out of this set.

The Metzlers were a big step up in handling and rain riding. They absolutely did not track tar snakes in the rain. It was like they weren't even there. I've heard stories of Metz delaminating and bubbles forming on sidewalls but my 3 sets of Metz did not do that at all. The did cup a little but not bad. I got between 17,000 and 19,000 miles on these tires.

I currently have Bridgestone G704/709's on and really have just broken them in at 500 miles but I am really liking them so far. They are very crisp on the turn in and stick like crazy. I suppose their best trait so far is they are very predictable. I wasn't unhappy with the Metzlers I just wanted to try the Bridgestones because I've heard so much good about them. I'll let you know in 5-6 months when I replace them how I feel about them long term but right now, thumbs up.


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Re: Tires Poll

Post by IBAARK » Sat May 01, 2010 11:03 am

Original set of Dunlops (once)
Elite 3's (once)
Metzelers (several)
I'm thinking about the Dunlop CT next only because i do a lot of IBA rally's.

'07 1800 w/ 82,000 miles

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Re: Tires Poll

Post by Lil Pete » Sat May 01, 2010 12:07 pm

I am currently running the Bridgestone on my 1800. I was not impressed with the Dunlop D250s and Elite IIIs as far as wet weather traction or the traction over tar-snakes. The mileage with the Dunlops were fine (around 9000-10,000). The Bridgestone seem to give better traction than either Dunlop for my riding style.
I had run dunlop on my Gl 1100 and had no issues with them.

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Re: Tires Poll

Post by SilverHawk » Sat May 01, 2010 3:32 pm

I have a Trike so I checked Bridgestone - other. Running a BT-45 right now but think I may return to the OEM Stone that came on the bike was a softer ride. Ran the 704/709 and loved them while still on two wheels and loved them. After triking, I was able to run the front stone for a total of 12,600 miles. Of course not running on the sides, just center of the tire. :D I then went to the Michelin Pilot Activ on the front of the trike, but was not happy with that. Now the BT-45 and it is working well for me.

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