Lowered seat stressing heat elements ??

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Lowered seat stressing heat elements ??

Post by singring » Sun Dec 02, 2012 2:43 pm

Regarding my heated seat from my 2006 GL1800... I am a bit short in the inseam, and struggled with safely manoeuvering my bike at slower, parking lot speeds. On a buddy's recommendation I took my seat to be modified by a local auto upholsterer, who has done very nice work with all manner of motorcycles seats, including GL1800's. I requested my seat padding be lowered 11/2-2 inches, if possible.
He did the work, and very well. I have not had time to try the seat on my bike yet, and while looking over the seat yesterday, I see that he had removed 11/2 - 2 inches of foam from the top of the seat pan on both rider and passenger seat areas, then re installed the vinyl cover. Looking under the seatpan through the pan holes, the removed foam has left a 11/2-2 inch gap from the seatpan to the surface of the bottom layer of existing foam. When you press down with your hand on the vinyl seat, the foam surface is also pressed down onto the seatpan, then releasing the hand pressure returns the foam back up with the vinyl to the original position. My question is: because of the gap between seatpan and padding, do you think that the rider/passenger seated weight will overly stress the heating elements to the point of breakage? I have seen photos of the elements and padding, and understand that the elements are glued to a thin layer of foam just under the vinyl cover. I am not familiar with the upholstery field, and this gentleman has worked many years with car/bike heated seats, so I will confer with him with my concerns, but I would appreciate your opinions. Thank you

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