Front wheel is dragging

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Front wheel is dragging

Post by BikernDiver » Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:42 am

I removed the front wheel on my 2009 GL1800 (NO ABS) but does have TPMS , to have the wheel powdercoated.
After a week, I got the wheel back and I began to reassemble everything. I put in ne wheelbearings and remembered to put the spacer/collar inside the wheel between the sets of bearings!
Then I put the rotors back on with new bolts and locktite.
Then I slid the wheel into position between the forks. started the axle in from the left side (right side while facing the front of the bike), put in the spacer, aligned the left brake, slid the axle through the wheelinto the right spacer that has a collar/flange on one side and finally through the fork and hand tightened the bolt into the axle. I then put the right side caliper on and hand tightened it into place.
Once I was sure everything looked good, I tightened everything up according to specs. Here is where I noticed a problem....or two...
First, the wheel barely spins and the left rotor seems to rubbing against the inside of the left fork. What did I do here????
Second, does a 2009 Wing with NO ABS, but does have the TPMS - use the speed sensor that looks kind of like a sprocket that is held on by three bolts to the right side rotor? This is also called a front pulsar ring.... The reason I ask is that I have no parts left over..I don't remember taking it off....and I don't see it on my workbench. Online diagrams for the front wheel show this as part of the front wheel assembly.
Help is appreciated...I really want to ride this weekend!


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Re: Front wheel is dragging

Post by sfruechte » Sat May 01, 2010 12:31 pm

GL1000 tool kits include a feeler guage to measure the distance between the caliper and the rotor to make sure the rotor does not touch the caliper. Spreading the forks a little can help if clearance is needed.

Also, make sure you have a brake pad on each side of the rotor, that you didn't push a pad out of place during assembly or sliding the rotor in and have it end up with 2 pads on one side.

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