Sticky Switches on 06'HPNA Goldwing

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Sticky Switches on 06'HPNA Goldwing

Post by onelostsock » Sun Apr 20, 2014 6:43 am

Yesterday I started the task of freeing up stuck switches!! I removed the pod on the left side with the hazard light switch and fog light switch. I took the switches out but opted not to disassemble them and cleaned them in place with contact cleaner then lubed them with Radio Shack tuner cleaner and lube. They were pretty easy to deal with. Hardest part was getting them out of the fairing without breaking tabs! I also had/have a sticky cruise switch on the handlebar, and looked at Fred Harmons tutorial as to how to remove that switch but it is for an 02' and mine is not the same.Can anyone give me a clue as to how to remove the "upper pod" off the handlebar so as to get to the cruise switch. I did clean it and lube it in place on the bar but would like to do a better job if I could get the sucker off!It is cold in my garage this morning(below freezing) and the cruise switch is a little sticky, but I got it freed up pretty well but would like to do it right if I could figure out how to remove it off the bar. Any help is appreciated. All the posts on this subject and others have been very helpful in the past.Thanks to all! :>)

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