cruise control switch won't mechanically engage

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cruise control switch won't mechanically engage

Post by gwegener » Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:45 am

Cruise control works if I hold the button down. The cruise indicator light lights up, and if I manage to also hit the set button (that button works), the set light illuminates and the cruise control is activated for as long as I hold the cruise button in. When I release it, cruise control is deactivated as if I had toggled it off.

Would like to know if there is an alternative to replacing the switch, and if not, any pointers on doing it. I do enough distance riding to make this worth whatever effort is required.

This is a 2010 1800. Haven't had any other problems.

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Re: cruise control switch won't mechanically engage

Post by WingAdmin » Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:12 am

This is a pretty common problem. Honda used grease in the switch internals to lubricate it, and over time the grease hardens to the point where it prevents the tiny little pawl from following the path in the nylon switch guide, and the switch won't lock in or out properly.

The solution is to get the grease out of there. A plastic-safe solvent will work, I use CRC contact cleaner, which I know won't harm the plastic, and as a bonus, cleans up the electrical contacts inside. ... 399&sr=8-1

Do NOT use WD-40 - it may flush out the grease, but leaves behind an oily residue that will collect grit and dust, and you'll find yourself with the same problem again in short order.

You really need to open the pod housing up to get to the switch to clean it. Best of all worlds is to open the switch completely and disassemble it, but there are tiny springs etc. inside that can easily fly off into nowhere, and you'll never get the switch to work again. If you do decide to disassemble the switch (I don't recommend it) put your hands and the switch inside a gallon Ziploc bag while doing it, so the tiny bits that come flying out aren't lost.

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Re: cruise control switch won't mechanically engage

Post by Asphaltmaniac » Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:59 pm

If you have high mileage I'd suggest replacing the throttle cables if you swap out the switch cluster.

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