Windbender ST with 17 inch windscreen

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Windbender ST with 17 inch windscreen

Post by youngguy » Fri Nov 02, 2012 9:09 am

Adjustable ST 17 Windbender windscreen for GL1800.

Price: $375 plus shipping (almost $500 for a new one)

Excellent condition

All mounting hardware including the base plate are provided. The top screen is clear.

Info about windscreen

The ST is a Straight Top windshield has four to six inches of air lift over the top for the rider. This is a look-over, and a look-thru windshield: all in one! The ST is designed to be a flexible, “do-it-all”, shield with a very smooth, buffet-free, ride at all speeds. You can ride at speed in calm luxury with your line of sight easily two inches over the top of the ST. If you want a little wind in your face you can set it lower. Because it is a straight top shield, you can also look through it at those times when you want to provide yourself or your passenger with even more protection. If the co-rider is much taller than the rider, this windshield can be adjusted up to take more wind off of them and can still be looked through by the rider. Or if you just like looking through a windshield and want better wind protection than stock, this is the one.

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