FS: 90 Degree Aluminum Valve Stems! ONLY $22.05 Shipped!

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FS: 90 Degree Aluminum Valve Stems! ONLY $22.05 Shipped!

Post by SlowBoyRacing » Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:06 pm

From your favorite local vendor; 90 Degree Drop Forged Aluminum Angled Tire Valve Stems in various colors...

These valves makes it much easier to fill/check air pressures. Especially if you are using a generic gas station air chuck. Because of the centrifugal forces being applied on the valve cores, the valve core sitting at an angle makes these valves safer than regular straight valve stems. Not only they are lighter than rubber valve stems, they also look great.

Available in:


Some Goldwings require a very minor modification to fit these. Please check the picture below.

Also note that on many years, rear valve will need to face left or be installed off-angle (70 - 75° instead of 90°) if installed pointed towards the right, to clear the rear caliper & caliper bleeder valve.

These are the same valve stems which come from the factory on the fancy italian bikes (Ducati, Aprillia, etc) and many MotoGP, WSBK, Moto2 teams use these valve stems.

Generally race teams like to run a different color valve stem than the wheel so that they can easily spot the valve stem.

They are made in Italy and are the same valves which are sold under the Ariete brand for much more.

What they do?

-Easier to check pressure and fill tires (specially on the front)
-Lighter than rubber stems - they weigh in at 11 grams each
-They are reusable, no need to replace them like rubber valves with each tire change
-Fixed to the wheel with a locking nut, can't bend, or be expelled from the wheel
-The angled quill reduces the effect of centrifugal force, which tends to fling the valve core outwards in a conventional valve, leading to loss of pressure in tires.


Torque the locking nut to 7-10 Nm

How much?

$22.05 shipped for the pair! (USA & Canada)

add $3 for international shipping outside of USA & Canada. Please send me a message if you are located outside USA & Canada for payment instructions.

How to purchase?

Use the specific buy now button that corresponds to the size/color of the stem you would like.

Typical delivery times are:
1 to 3 business days for USA.
4-8 business days for Canada.
6-10 days for other International destinations.

Simple payment, just use the BUY NOW button below to purchase your set!

11.3mm Black - Pair


11.3mm Silver - Pair


11.3mm Gold - Pair


11.3mm Red - Pair


11.3mm Blue - Pair


Please send me a message if you have any questions. I will do my best to get to you as quickly as possible.

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