1991 Anniversary Edition Goldwing

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Motorcycle: 1991 GL1500 Goldwing

1991 Anniversary Edition Goldwing

Post by cowboy72315 » Wed Sep 18, 2013 4:02 pm

I have a 1991 GL1500 Anniversary Edition that I am asking 4500 for. IT has approx 117000 miles and runs great. I am only selling it so I can get a 2001 or later GL1800. You can contact me on this forum or at: cowboy72315@yahoo.com.


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Fatwing Chris
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Re: 1991 Anniversary Edition Goldwing

Post by Fatwing Chris » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:59 pm

Before you make the jump to the 1800 try and get some seat time on one.The reason I say this is that earlier this year I had an 89 and wanted to move up,but still wasn't sold on the 1800.I had 3 different low mileage 2000 SE'S that were all nicely set-up with options.One gentleman was actually holding one for me until a cheque cleared for me.All of a sudden this 04 ABS model shows up for about the same money as a nice 1500 was gonna cost me.It was a pretty low miler as well,so I thought "What the h*ll I'm gonna probably end up on an 1800 eventually anyway" and bought it.I've put approx. 6 K miles on it since June and I'm still not really sold on it.Yes it does run nice with the fuel injection and the mileage is good,but there are things to me that are just not good.
The ride of this bike sucks compared to all of the other Wings I've owned.Too stiff and too harsh on both ends.Apparently you can just change the stock springs and improve it some or you can do a full Traxxion Suspension upgrade to the tune of close to $4 G's.Alot of money to make an already expensive bike ride better.The other thing I really don't like is that the handlebars are too low and too narrow for my liking and they're not adjustable.You can for another $100 buy risers to cure this.

I guess what I'm saying is that if you're expecting the 1800 to be anywhere near to being as comfortable as the 1500 be prepared to spend some money.I've already bought a new rear shock ass off of a 2013 that is supposed to be better and am ordering a set of Traxxion front springs.I have also shimmed the anti-dive to make it less aggressive.If it isn't better when I'm done the wife is gonna make me get another 1500 and I can live with that if I get the right one.JMHO.
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Re: 1991 Anniversary Edition Goldwing

Post by Dannyboy1966 » Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:23 am

Do yourself a favor, and hang onto that pretty Wing you have. I have a friend that traded his off for a new 1800, a few years ago, and he wishes to god he hadn't. Oh it has all the goodies, bells, and whistles, but it rides like sitting on a brick. I wouldn't trade my 91 for anything, 103,000 miles and all.

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