1987 Aspencade For Sale

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Motorcycle: 1987 GL1200 Aspencade

1987 Aspencade For Sale

Post by jtimgrant » Sat Dec 21, 2013 4:12 pm

I am selling my 87 Aspencade. I purchased it with 79,800 miles on it May of 2013. It now has 88,000 miles on it. It's wineberry in color. Cruise control and radio works perfect. Stator charges at 14.2. Paint is good but not perfect. I have a lot of chrome that came with it (bumper, lights etc but are not installed). Gas mileage averages around 45 mpg. The bike set up around 5 years. I purchased this bike hoping to restore it but no longer have the time or desire to complete the job.

Here is what's been done to it and what's wrong.

Work thus far:
1. New timing belts
2. Rebuilt right front brake caliper, rear brake caliper and rear master cylinder. I have the seals for the left front to be done when brakes are replaced.
3. Carbs rebuilt (This has been a real sore spot but now seem to be running right).
4. New tires and wheel bearings at 84,540 miles
5. Both clutch and front brake master cylinders have been cleaned and the fluid changed.
6. Replaced fork oil. Learned previous owner put in progressive springs. Rear shocks hold air with no leaks.
7. Replaced final drive and driven flange in wheel due to worn out splines.
8. Replaced spark plugs and boots. Have a set of wires for it also just not installed.
9. New battery

Now, what's wrong.
1. Uses some oil. Amounts differ based upon riding style. Interstate speeds uses more. 55 and 60 uses little. I've only seen the bike smoke once since purchase and that was at cold start-up so I'm suspect it's bad valve stem seals.
2. Drive shaft seal leaks some.
3. Starter clutch makes some noise when starting cold. Works perfectly after warm-up. (Sometimes doesn't make any noise at any time. Infrequent issue)

I have ridden the bike almost 10,000 miles. Everything except what I've listed here seems to be in good working order. I know of nothing else wrong with the bike. You can check my posts on the 1200 forum to follow some of the problems I've corrected.

Now as to price. I'm looking to let it go for best offer. As I said, I no longer have the time or desire to do the restoration. So any fair offer will be considered.

What will I do with it if I do not sell it? It will go to salvage or be parted out.

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