1984 GW 1200 Interstate for sale

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Motorcycle: 1884 Honda Goldwing 1200

1984 GW 1200 Interstate for sale

Post by hwkmn1 » Sun Jan 19, 2014 4:41 pm

Looking to part with a 1984 Honda Goldwing Interstate 1200 that I acquired along with a group of other motorcycle related stuff. The bike was used by a man who parked it after his brother died 13 years ago but believe the GW was last used about 8 years ago. It has just over 30,000 miles and tires are in decent condition. The battery, of course, was shot and I purchased a replacement recently and have filled it and charged same getting ready to fire it up.

The bike is a 1984 Silver for that year, has the tour pak and a fold-down driver back rest that enables a passenger to climb on/off easier. Foot boards are mounted, unsure if that was a stock item or not. Outside of the original Owner's manual, I found a Honda tool bag kit and tire pressure gauge. Regarding paint, I have noted the front side of the left/right mirrors has eroded off or similar. I have noted no severe damage other than a few minor scrapes.

Dusty from sitting under a tarp for quite some time, I got this bike after Thanksgiving 2013 and due to the cold and dead battery, have not attempted to start it. With no desire to take it to a Honda dealership to have it serviced, I am making this Goldwing available to those with more knowledge and who look for a decent touring bike for a minimal investment.

I can be reached at 865-577-2435 between 9 a.m. and 8 pm EST. If not in, please leave a message. I do plan to have this listed on CL or Ebay until it sells. Thanks

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