'85 1200GL RT mirror, LT battery cover wanted

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'85 1200GL RT mirror, LT battery cover wanted

Post by YogiKai » Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:41 pm

Namaste and hello,

Unfortunately, money is an object, but I need a right side mirror. The battery cover is just a want, not a need. My bike blew over in an big blast of wind and broke the mirror beyond my ability to repair. The bike is my only transportation (in the Pacific NW) so it is kind of urgent. If you have one, and can stand to part with it for a price possibly lower than you might generally ask, please contact me asap. I've found one online for $40, but that's a big chunk of change in my world.

I presently have a battery cover that works, but it is a blue one and the rest of the bike is gold. Additionally, at some point the cover dropped off the bike on a freeway in Ohio and was scraped up pretty bad. I'd like to replace it if I could, but that's a wish-list item.

I'll even share a great story: I twist balloon animals for children for a living and the Goldwing was a tip for a balloon by a complete stranger! Guy Smith, a 32 year-old night security guard, gifted me the bike as I was traveling through LA on a 1981 Yamaha 850XS a couple years ago. He didn't even want my other bike. Told me to decide which I wanted to ride, sell the other and to use the money. LOTS of balloons have been given away in his honor! And, coolest thing ever, I gave a ride to a 100 year-old woman yesterday!! Such a sweet, tiny lady. Unfortunately, while she was riding, her hearing aids (which were temporarily in the custody of my mother) were chewed up by my mom's puppy. There went $5,000! I think that was one of the most expensive rides ever, but Marg had a blast!

If you wish to help (or would like to sponsor a balloon supply order) please contact me at twistofair at yahoo dot com.
Om Shanti

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