'86 GL1200 Interstate for sale

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'86 GL1200 Interstate for sale

Post by RobH » Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:23 am

Sadly, due to my aging back, the time has come for me to part with my Interstate.

The not-so-good: while mechanically sound, it needs some cosmetics: paint is faded (can't afford a commercial paint job, and I can't do it myself). Radio is a marine radio/cd player (cd player doesn't work, radio does), but if you like to listen to the radio while riding you'd want to replace it. I don't, so it was never a factor for me. One of the locks on the trunk bag doesn't lock with a key (it does shut and close securely), but the other one does (thus allowing you to secure your gear). It non-locking lock could probably be replaced without too much trouble; I just never needed to as I could still lock the trunk.

The Good: The bike runs great, and has never given me any problems. 68,000 miles. Tires are good (less than 100 miles ago, I dropped $250 on a new rear tire). Front brake pads and fork seals have about 3k miles on them. The bike's been kept inside for the past 4.5 years, though the previous owner obviously didn't (hence the faded paint). If you're looking for a solid Goldwing that will get you from point A to Z in comfort, and don't need all the bells and whistles (it doesn't have any extra bling lights), here it is.

The Best (for you): I've been unemployed for 2+ months, and have got to sell it. $2000 cash and it's yours. Particularly when you figure in the brand new tire, that's a pretty good deal! If you have any questions, please email me at cduinv@yahoo.com. You'd need to pick it up or arrange for shipping, but I'll do all I can to facilitate the process on my end. I'm in SW Virginia, not far from I-81.

Thanks for looking, and stay safe.


"In Valor There Is Hope" Tacitus

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