Best Trade Ever? Fairing/Bags for a windshield.

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Best Trade Ever? Fairing/Bags for a windshield.

Post by TallJeff » Sat Nov 08, 2014 10:57 am

I want a windshield. However, I'm cheap.
I have a black Vetter fairing, and a set of black Vetter top/side cases along with all the bracing and a chrome luggage guard. Everything one might need to get a full dresser. This is all off of a 1982 1100. They are not perfect, but certainly useable and in fair condition. I just don't want them.

I put a headlight and blinkers on my bike, but I do miss having a windshield. I'm willing to trade all of the stuff mentioned above for a windshield. Even up. Ideally we could meet and exchange it. I'm in upstate New York and would meet up to a few hours away. If you are far away, we could work something out where you pay me back a bit of the difference in shipping. I'd love to see these go to a good 'home', a wing that someone wants to dress up.

There's pictures on the other thread I put in to try to sell these outright. Just search Talljeff. If you want more pics I can probably post them up here. PM me.

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