1981 GL1100 Interstate for sale in Charlotte NC

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Motorcycle: 1981 GL1100 Interstate

1981 GL1100 Interstate for sale in Charlotte NC

Post by steve491 » Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:30 pm

I bought an 81 Interstate from a friend of mine last summer with the vision having a project and getting back in the saddle after 10 years of no two wheeler. He got the bike from his brother in Massachusetts because it was too heavy for him to ride any more.
It sat in his garage most of the time until he finally pushed it outside, that's when I drove down and saved it. (the outside picture is where it sat under a cover for a few months).
I brought it home, changed the oil, flushed the fuel tank with vinegar, freed up the brake calipers and fired it up. To my amazement it idled pretty well and actually rode well (don't get me wrong, this bike needs work).
After the shake down run I purchased a bunch of new part and I was excited about spending time over the winter fixing up my new project. Due to an unforeseen problem within my neighborhood our best option is to move, hence house cleaning. I would love to keep the bike/parts and move it to the new house but if I can sell the entire lot to a Goldwing guy I would be open to offers.
Here's what I have.
1981 Gl1100 Interstate complete with all hard bags, dark wine in color.
Clean NC title, original 35,606 miles. Speedo works,
Parts included (not installed):
Honda water pump
KP gasket kit
Gates timing belts
radiator hoses
2 oil filters
fuel filter
NGK plugs
stainless brake lines for the front (3)
NEW huge Yuasa battery (installed)

I really don't want to abandon this project but circumstances dictate my actions. I also realize that a 34 year old bike is normally not worth much.

I have more in parts than what I paid for the bike. Please send me a message if you are interested or email steveh@carolina.rr.com


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