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Motorcycle: 1982 GL1100A

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Post by ghostvet » Fri Oct 09, 2015 8:22 am


I have a 1982 GL1100A I bought a few years back as a project bike. It was running, albeit not smoothly, after I disassembled and cleaned the carbs and fuel lines and pump of all the green jelly. My intention was to bring it down to the frame, blast it, powder coat it, and rebuild and repaint it to a pretty, shiny new old bike. I put it on my lift, removed all the plastics and some of the other components, and then life got the way. There it sits. On my lift. In the way.

I took pictures of everything as I removed them. I am anal that way. I marked and labelled all the connections as I took them apart. I am anal that way, too. I replaced all the bolts into the appropriate fittings as I took things apart. Yup, still anal. So putting it back together shouldn't be difficult, even for a novice.

I have extra plastics, including another fairing, to replace any cracked or missing pieces.

I even have a dead parts bike, which is not really good for much more than engine parts and maybe a few other parts.

The fuel tank is pristine! Even the brass filters look brand spanking new!

You can do a search here for any posts I made as I was working on it including pics of the fuel tank.

I need it gone.

Even if you don't want a project bike, this week make an excellent parts bike for your own GL1100A, or sell the parts.

Make an offer and come get it (Tampa Bay area, Florida), and all the extras.


Thank you

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