84 GL1200 Interstate

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Motorcycle: 1984 GL1200 Interstate

84 GL1200 Interstate

Post by knightflyer » Sun Apr 10, 2011 7:23 pm

Selling my 1984 Goldwing Interstate GL1200.

This would be a great project bike (pictures below and see link for more) for someone with the time to work on it. It could also be (sniff) torn apart and used for parts. I simply don't have time & space to work on it. Help me out! My wife wants her garage back! :D

Okay, the good:

* Bike has 58k miles on it.
* Electrical is good (more below).
* Front brake pads are new, front fork seals have just been redone.
* Front brake lever & reservoir BRAND NEW (aftermarket part, see picture)
* Rear tire is new (maybe 200 miles on it?).
* Front tire still okay, and won't need replaced for a little awhile yet.
* It has a lot of good plastic on it (if you're parting it out)
* Radio works (it's kinda marginal, but it does work).
* Bike has a CB that came with it when I got it. It never "worked" and when I pulled the bike apart to work on it in January, I discovered it isn't connected to anything! Yep, so that might work, or might not. In any event, I don't have a mike or anything for the CB.
* It has a new electronic blinker, as I was getting ready to convert to LED brake & turn signals. It still has standard bulbs though, not LED's.
* The title on this bike is clear.
* I had just gotten the electrical straightened out, so that the battery will actually charge when the engine is running, which is a first in the last couple of years. I've gotten rid of most of the 'electrical spaghetti' I inherited (I'm the third owner on the bike). All the lights are working except one clearance light, which I have the part for. I've got every part, piece and bolt for the bike.
* The timing belts are brand new.
* The headlight was replaced last fall.
* Bike hasn't been laid down or otherwise in an accident (but see below).
* Has a hitch for pulling a small trailer (no trailer though)
* Has K&N air filter. You never replace these, but this one DOES need cleaning!

The Bad:

* The seat and all the vinyl on it is in pretty sad shape. Those definitely need a recover.
* The windshield will need a lot of work to finish polishing and restoring. It's doable, but you'll want a drill and plastic kit and a lot of patience.
* The bike has been knocked over on several occasions, so the plastic where the left mirror mounts has been damaged and the left mirror is a little wobbly as a result (right mirror is unaffected). I had it working good with some toggle bolts, but I think the bolts are getting loose and need tightening again. Don't know for sure, hadn't got that far in the restoration.
* Due to being knocked over, there are dents in the engine guards (hey, that's what they're there for, right!?)
* As an 'always outside' bike, the paint is in poor condition.

The Ugly:

* In the process of replacing the timing belts, the right side (facing forward when on the bike) cam was lined up on a casting mark, about a half-inch from the real timing mark... The bike was turned over on starter only (kill switch on), but this still appears to have damaged one or more valves on that side. It gets no appreciable compression on either of the right-side cylinders. It will run, but is only running on the two left cylinders, and does NOT run well. It would need to be shipped, or picked up with a trailer, as it is not ferriable.

More images at the ebay classified listing: Main listing

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Dave (knightflyer)
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1984 GL1200I Interstate

Re: 84 GL1200 Interstate

Post by starfleetengineer » Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:16 pm

If you wern't so far away I'd take her off your hands. I could use some of the parts for mine.Shipping would be a killer to Ind.
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Motorcycle: 1985 GL1200 Goldwing Interstate

Re: 84 GL1200 Interstate

Post by southernlightning » Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:39 pm

I am in Denver. Let's talk about it. Send me a DM and we can see what we need to do to get your garage back. lol

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Re: 84 GL1200 Interstate

Post by cyberlon » Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:46 pm

The ebay link says it is no longer available, so may I assume you found a new owner?

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