=WTB= GL1100 Aspencade Chrome Engine Covers

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=WTB= GL1100 Aspencade Chrome Engine Covers

Post by Juggernaut863 » Fri Feb 03, 2012 8:07 pm

I found this pic in the "Member Pictures" so thanks Jerryc19!!!

I am looking for a set of these, both left and right, for a reasonable price. They don't have to be in as good shape as Jerry's, but as long as they are good enough to start with. I don't mind cleaning and buffing them up, but if there are rust holes and big dents, I'm not really interested.

Thanks in advanced!

*update* I did check the goldwing classifieds(which is a friggin masterpiece) and I found a few in fantastic shape for around $60, I contacted all of them, but they were all through craigslist, so they all may be too scared to ship :cry:

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