1981 GL1100

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1981 GL1100

Post by Paul87gn » Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:43 am

I'm putting up for sale my 1981 GL1100 Interstate. I've owned the bike for several years now, it had 54xxx miles on it when I bought it and currently has 73916. I purchased a 2002 GL1800 a few years ago and this bike has pretty much sat in my heated storage since then. I did fire it up occasionally and ran it down the road a few times a year. It's in fair to good condition, it is by no means a junker but will need a little TLC to get it back road worthy. TLC needed would be; New tires - rear is worn and the front is weather checked. New battery - I pulled the one out of my 1800 yesterday to confirm it fires up and runs and drives. The front brakes could use some attention - one of the front calipers seemed to be dragging a little bit after making several stops yesterday on the test ride. I don't know if its master cylinder or caliper related. I'm sure the carbs could use some cleaning/dialing back in. It does use a little bit of oil and has the leak out the weep hole. A previous owner cut the factory pipes off at the muffler and ran straight pipes back. It is louder than a standard wing but not obnoxious because there is some baffling welded in the straight pipes. The exhaust is painted black and the paint has surprisingly held up very well.

The bike has the light bars around the trunk and the saddle bags. The previous owner also added some engine lighting. The radio and lights all work as they should. I replaced the fairing speakers a few years ago, without looking I don't recall if they are infinity or pioneer replacements but they were an improvement. It also has a custom leather seat with a backrest. I do have the original seat that would need to be recovered and a box of random parts; a mirror, a saddle bag cover, etc. that would go with it.

I kept this bike around planning to give it the attention it needed but with so many other projects going I just don't have the time to put into it anymore and I could use the space. I'd like to get $1200 bucks for it as is.

I'm located in Freeland MI, contact me at paulbpowell@gmail.com if you're interested as I don't frequent the forum.

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Re: 1981 GL1100

Post by LittleGoldy » Sat May 19, 2018 8:29 pm

Pics of the condition and problems may lend more interest.
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